“where does franco fagioli lives?”

  • spelled like that, is a new search engine term via which someone found my blog.
  • the reason I’m writing about this is because I’m quite adamant about privacy in general. I can see why someone would be interested in the whereabouts of a beloved celeb (ie, in which country they live, especially if they are originally from a place not at the centre of the opera world). Sometimes they are open and they talk about it themselves. Fair enough. But I still feel it’s less our business. Leave them be.
  • you might think differently and that’s ok. There is a reason people chat with singers after the show. I’m ambivalent about that (as you may have noticed). Chatting might be very pleasant but you shouldn’t forget that the person on stage is somene else.
  • I don’t know where he lives. I also don’t know whom he’s dating (if he is dating anyone) – this related to another search engine term. Please don’t illuminate me about either. Or about any other opera singer I like (but you can tell me about who those I don’t like have broken up with! this is a schadenfreude happy zone, not a nunnery – after all).

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  1. Oh Dehgg, I just had to giggle that this person ended up on your site 😂

    Quite right, though: as you know, I’ve waited for autographs once or twice in the past but it always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and once I’ve got someone to sign a ticket I don’t tend to bother them in future. Going to see someone sing a lot because you like their voice is one thing. As you say, stalking them is another.

    Two other things: 1) I love your new Lego-themed header which I hadn’t noticed before (it is new, isn’t it? It looks different, or is it just because I’m reading your blog on my phone?) and

    2) How do you find out the search terms? WordPress just tells me all search terms are unknown and, even though I’m on a premium package I don’t seem to be able to add on any useful plugins to help…

    • it’s interesting, hence why I’m in two minds about it. When thadieu and I met Sara Mingardo there were these old ladies ahead of us who just went there to shake her hand and say they enjoyed the show. At the time I thought to myself “is that all? You made a detour via the Green Room just for that?” But these days I’m thinking “why not? does there need to be any more to say?” I saw an interview with mezzo Susan Mentzer where she mentioned that “back in the day” (the ’80s) anyone could go backstage at the Met and come to a singer’s dressing room to say hi. So maybe these ladies had gone through that period and they don’t think saying thank you in person after the show is a big deal.

      so on top of coming from a more security obsessed era, I think I’m still a bit star struck and just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem enough. Though I’m starting to come around to the fact that it might just be. But, yes, after you said thank you once it gets trickier – do you say it again or leave others their turn? There’s a good chance I’m horribly overthinking it all 😀 and should just say thank you any time I am compelled to.

      the logo is new, yes. I meant to change the face of the blog for a while now and it as just not working until this one recent weekend. Glad you enjoyed it, I enjoy yours as well 🙂

      as Anik says, the search engine terms used to show up more frequently in the past, when Google wasn’t blocking them. Now you don’t see them 9 times out of 10 but occasionally one or two make it through the barrier. Some of them are properly mad 😀 but some give me post fodder. Give it a while, you’re bound to catch something.

    • Unrelated, have you seen that Apocalyptica will play at the Royal Festival Hall next year?

  2. Oh yes, search terms. Before Google encrypted them in 2013, there was good fun to be had with that! Now, only a scant few get through (not enough to write home about). It’s not WordPress, it’s Google, in this case, that killed the fun.

    I get curiosity about singers’ nationalities or places where they studies because that sometimes helps parse their technique (and it’s about voice, not about private lives), but there are odd searches, too
    E.g. even with Google out of the run, I regularly find requests for nudes (most prominently, of a certain German tenor), or South-East Asian women in compromising situations, and I never understand how they end up on my blog?!

    PS. Also meant to say I really enjoyed your Dalila post! Had me thinking about power today on the issue of Maddalena.

    • I think opera = nudes of that German tenor in some circles 😉 I got a couple of people via his name as well and I don’t know that I ever mention his full name.

      Glad you liked the Dalila post. Subtext and seduction are two of my favourite subjects to mull over but being eloquent about them is quite tricky. I’m still rudimentary on Rigoletto, though. Makes me think of a Most Un-Bechdel-friendly operas out there post 😉

  3. I guess I find the whole idea that singers are some special kind of life form a bit weird. I am used to running into them in the street, at the liquor store, at the market. Let alone after performances! Admittedly there are those who think my life is a bit weird.

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