The goal: I’m working on reviewing every existing Tito recording and any live streaming or live production I can view/attend. If you know of a production/recording that I haven’t written about please feel free to alert me to it (it might already be in the works).

How I’m going about it: the 1001 musings on Wolfie’s last-ish opera gets a new looooooong post 1-2 times a month. I try to be as comprehensive as I can. I know that it sometimes adds to way too much detail at the detriment of concision so I’m thinking of a “cliff notes edition” as well.

Extra Tito: I sometimes write shorter bits on arias and such. All questions about arias, characters, productions etc. are much appreciated and answered to the best of my ability (or I’ll point you to a good review someone else wrote; I am also working on compiling a list of my favourite Tito reviews).

Completed reviews (in the order they were posted):

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