Most of my favourite singers1 fall in this category. As with all preferences it’s hard to say why this and not another one. My usual answer is the mezzo voice is easier on the ears; I like ringing lower notes, there’s something mysterious about them and mystery is highly attractive. I especially like the darker tones (you know, Kasarova, Prina, Mijanovic, Fassbaender, Bonitatibus, Nikiteanu, that kind of thing) but I’m not saying no to brighter ones (Hallenberg, Troyanos, von Otter, Connolly, Erraught) either. There’s a lot of different stuff that can make a voice highly attractive, innit? You never know, so I will give everybody a fair chance before thinking oh dear, this is terrible 😉 which incidentally, has happened with some of the above mentioned singers when I heard them in the wrong repertoire… so, yea, you never know. Better give them a couple of chances. Nobody’s infallible. Except for me, of course. My word is law 😉

  1. And because of them I’m prone to mezzo-happy operas… 

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