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Hott off the presses: The 5 Countertenors

Out of that lineup Sabata has the best beard, Sabadus the best hair and Cencic really needs to rethink both of his.

Jommelli, Tito Manlio: Spezza lo stral piagato (Sabadus)
PorporaIfigenia in Aulide: O di spietate numi…/ Tu, spietato non farai… (Sabata)
GaluppiPenelope: A questa bianca mano (Cencic)
HandelSerse: Crude furie degl’orridi abissi (Mynenko)
MyslivecekFarnace: Ti parli in seno amore (Yi)
JC BachTemistocle: Ch’io parta? (Mynenko)
GluckDemetrio: Non si frenare il pianto (Sabadus)
BertoniTancredi: Addio a miei sospiri (Cencic)
HandelAggripina: Otton, Otton…/ Voi che udite il mio lamento (Sabata)
HassePiramo e Tisbe: Ah, no e ver, ben mio (Yi)

I gather this CD was released to signal to the public at large the fact that we live in the Golden age of the Countertenor and, by extension, of the Baroque opera. Both the material and the singing contained therein make a compelling case. Countertenors and (the understanding of) Baroque opera have come a long way to show that it was only due to the ficklness of fashion stuff like this was ever pushed aside. birds of different feathers