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Half baked thoughts on pasticcio (should opera be *gasp* tasty?)

Looks tasty, I’ll have some (said the actress to the bishop).

It seems like pasticcios would be right up our alley, what with the many layers and the possibility of using whatever’s left in the fridge… I mean mixing and remixing etc.

Mash-ups are right up my alley, that’s for sure. I love the idea of repositioning given pieces and coming up with something slightly (or more than slightly) different. So in preparation of Catone in Utica, I’ve been thinking about them, helped by talk on other blogs as well.

But it was soon brought to my attention that there are some out there who take a dim view of pasticcios (and possibly pasta dishes in general). It could be argued that, had the Met put up more Baroque opera productions before they did The Enchanted Island, people would’ve been more relaxed about it.

You might be asking yourself why all of a sudden The Enchanted Island, which premiered more than three years ago? Have you been reading old news again, dehggi? Nope, not this time. I saw that pasticcio on Sky Arts back in 2012 and enjoyed it, though I’d’ve rather had a (shock, horror) mezzo or a countertenor sing all the fun arias DeNiese didn’t quite have the chops for.

I did, though, read about The Indian Queen currently over at the ENO, which I did not go to see, forewarned by a mysterious gut-feeling (or maybe it was just gas). I was very amused by Leander’s reaction to it, read her lowdown and then clicked on her link to the Classical Iconoclast’s blog to see what he thought about it. more pasta