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Can you overdo Myself I shall adore?

No! 😀

La Bartoli (here sounding surprisingly light and bright) sometimes simply nails it.

Semele (London Handel Festival, 10 March 2015)

A few months ago when I was still worrying that I hadn’t seen enough Handel yet, I looked up the London Handel Festival and tried to pick some suitable things to see. Upon reading the synopsis, Semele sounded like fun. Other things came up, among which a certain confusion as to how to book tickets for it.

Long story short, last week I finally managed to buy the last cheap ticket. Come the day of the show, I had completely forgotten what this opera/oratorio was about. But armed with the knowledge it was in English (what was that aria I knew? Oh, it turns out there were two arias I knew) I thought I’d figure it out as it went. Herself she shall adore