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Tito arias in Masterclasses (Parto)

Ow, ow, check out the chap banging out Parto on the piano ūüė¶ so wrong. The starting tempo is too fast (what will we be doing by the cadenza? Rossini patter? – to be fair, he’s better at that point) and the setup for the initial partos is way too even and decisive. Decisive? Mr Pianoman, what the hell is this aria about? The subsequent lack of legato, the insensitive take on the clarinet line… ūüė¶

To be fair, La Fleming is exclusively talking about sound production here (which is an interesting thing) and we all know what this aria is about so there’s not much loss. Also she thinks he’s good so maybe I’m talking bollocks. Still…


The 224th Tito Day with lots of Parto ma tu ben mio

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

Here it is, the Tito Day of 2015.

To celebrate the 1791¬†premiere of¬†La clemenza di Tito¬†in Prague, I uploaded the second episode of my podcast. This episode is dedicated to Pato, ma tu ben mio. Instead of too much¬†talk I thought I’d let the music speak and guide the listener just a bit¬†via the key¬†Partos I navigated on the way to¬†discovering my love for this opera.

Tito and Akhnaten sitting in a tree

  • We often hear singers talk about their roles, but most of us aren’t¬†aware of what accompanying instrumentalists think. Today I found this snippet in which¬†Principal Clarinetist Anthony McGill talks about that amazing gorgeous sexy¬†beautiful moment in Tito known to us as Parto:

  • In other news, let me remind you that tickets for ENO’s¬†Akhnaten¬†have gone on general sale¬†yesterday. As usual I got enthusiastic and decided to go for¬†two Secret Seats (4 and 8 March). I’m almost as curious about what seats I get as about the production! I also have a feeling¬†thadieu can’t wait to book her seat for¬†La forza del destino ūüėČ

Keep calm and Parto

One of my nightmares is the private number call which goes like this:

Workplace: Guess what? You’re working today!
Me: What?! I have only planned this day off since bloody February!
Workplace: Says here you’re working.
Me: But I’ve done three nights this week and I’m working tomorrow.
Workplace: Dunno, says here’s you’re working.
Me: But I don’t owe any hours!
Workplace: You’re working today.
Me: asfdsjfhsdkghkfjgkfdjhkh234735

Deep breath and Parto. I’m not going ūüėČ

…but Parto is indeed my go-to aria for when shit like this happens. On top of the weather. Yep, Summer’s gone. We’ve weather again in London. In this week: Cencic is too expensive, Giannatassio’s ill, Gerhaher is sold out and I just missed Sandrine Piau. I need a clarinet flourish. At least I AM seeing Poppea, screw you, messed up work rota (which, if I had been doing it (as rumoured), wouldn’t be messed up in the first place, but that’s another story that’s not happening).¬†Where’s the repeat button?