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2018, the Summer of Poppea

This is a pretty good account of what went down in Zurich (re: Poppea). (From my seat in my Mum’s kitchen) I’m not very convinced by those projections either but I do like the rounded stage idea, with the displaced balcony box spectators at the back.

Like I said in the Carmen post, I’m not sure I care so much about being physically super immersed in the action as long as the acting is convincing and the production clear and coherent. I can draw my own Poppea/Carmen/Tito etc. parallels, thank you. But I doubt I could’ve forked out the money for those seats, anyway (though maybe you got discounts for having the public watch you as part of the action… but it looks like they’re not always there? whatever it was).

In any case, David Hansen vs. Kate Linsdey ultimately seals it for me.

ps: pregnant Poppea = yes.

Thursday’s Something Else (Busoni)

tseI haven’t had one of these in a while but (having just revisited Ariadne auf Naxos) I thought it would be fun to try another early 20th century opera. Here comes Busoni’s Doktor Faustus. Well, success! Opernhaus Zurich puts on a good production as usual, and we have the chance of a lot of lower lying male singing (though Mephistopheles himself is a tenor). People in the comments section keep wondering why don’t we hear this one more often and they are right, it’s very listenable, regardless of one’s interest in Faustian pacts (mine is middling).

Der Winterkavalier returns

rosenkactIINot that long ago I was whinging about my Zurich Der Rosenkavalier DVD 1 not working.

2016 brings a first success: I managed to make it work on another laptop and ripped it for good measure 😀 😀 😀

That means my DVD drive is lame…

Whoever clicked on the Faninal’s Kitchen post…

…reminded me that evergrey November is the right time of the year to watch that particular Der Rosenkavalier. Trouble is, Disc 1 has stopped working for me about a year or so ago. Every time I give it a hopeful spin it rattles the CD/DVD drive worse than the mail coach and nothing vaguely Straussian comes out.

So: can anyone pretty please ❤ hook me up with it? I keep checking Amazon and it won’t come down in price (I know it’s hardly breaking the bank but I am peeved to pay again after already owning it :P). I actually got a very generous offer when it stopped playing but I am a bit embarrassed to ask now

but I want it 😉