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6 years of opera, innit?

So many things have happened in 6 years… with me, with the world and, obviously, with the blog. Whenever I look back I return heartened, because imagine if it all stayed the same? Which is, of course, not how life goes, even when you’re living in less Interesting times than we currently do.

Blogwise, 2019 is looking like the best (by far) as regards to visitors and views might just edge the previous best (if I post a bit more). Thank you all for reading, especially considering that this year I’ve barely posted a little over 20 times. I am touched people want to read. I’m also glad that you find what I’ve written over the years interesting. It’s been a really good challenge for me as an amateur writer as well as for self discovery.

If you feel a certain air of finality about this post you’re not wrong but not in the sense that I’ll abandon opera, innit? There are too many good memories and too many good people linked to this blog 🙂 let’s see where 15/10/2020 finds us all.

5 years of opera, innit?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we harvest what we sow. You may have noticed I’ve been rather quiet this month but the backstage has had some activity recently, with yours truly busy tinkering at this little gift which I hope everyone who reads the blog will enjoy 🙂 and if you don’t… well, you can skip to the 12:55 and listen to Eterni dei, in a version I’m sure you will recognise.

Ep 3: True Crime Tito

Without further ado, here’s episode 3 of the opera. innit? podcast, from which I drifted away a couple of years ago due to it taking too long to produce. But I like to hear myself talk too much to actually give up, even in the face of laziness (which I admit is one of my – very few 😉 – weaknesses) and competition from pressing “real life” activities.

So, yea, that’s where you get after years of thinking about Tito too much and talking about it too little (although, thanks to you, dear reader – and often more than once, opera buddy – I’ve talked about Tito more than I thought I ever would 5 years ago).

edit 17/10/18: sounds like Vesuvius may have erupted later than we’ve thought for hundreds of years… rather after 17 October 79AD than on 24 August 79AD…

3 years later (opera, innit? is 3)

the cake of Roman goodness returns

the cake of Roman goodness returns

On 15 October, opera, innit? turned 3 years old. I actually forgot about it (this time of the year is always busy) until I read the WP congrats, by which time I was so tired, I was falling asleep in my cornflakes (it was way past the bedtime of a healthy 3 year old). It feels like I’ve been doing this since forever! When I started I didn’t have any plans beyond writing when I felt like, about what I felt like, for as long as I would feel like. 482 published posts later, I’d say the feeling has been rather intense 😉

The blog has brought about many fun unexpected adventures, so this year I thought I’d leave you all (who read, comment and have shared said adventures virtually or in real life) with Mozart’s little ode to friendship – which gives me the opportunity to combine Tito, mezzos and the memories of all those good times 😀

All for the good of Rome: opera, innit? turns 2

chocolate Colosseum cake!

Many thanks to all who have been contributing by reading and/or commenting, it makes the heart swell 🙂 How about some grandiosity on this occasion? Have a virtual cake bite and feel free to air conduct along with Il Harnoncourt:

One year of opera, innit?

1yearIt’s been one year since I started this blog. Last October I didn’t have any plans with it beside posting random thoughts on opera. Nothing much happened until February except it started to take on a shape. Things got much livelier in May and sort of off the hook (by beginners’ standards) since July. So thank you to all who have been reading and commenting and generally making it more fun than I imagined it would be!