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Tito turns 230!

Well, here we are, 230 years later, which feels right about how long it’s been since I last properly updated. Happy Tito Day to all 🙂

I started a mini-Tito series, in order to celebrate, in which I talk (I’m under the illusion it goes faster than writing… I may be wrong) about my perennial favourite Tito production – the Sellars 2017, obviously. Just kidding, wrong Salzburg year, wrong speed 😉 Give it a listen below. You know you’ve missed my soothing voice vintage non-Currentzified Mozart…

Prina and Hallenberg

…are coming to Wigmore Hall to sing Baroque. Not together, mind, although that would be way cool (like in that Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno). Ah, the curse of options! But since I can’t go to Paris to see Alcina, on account of shot finances, might as well treat myself locally to two of my favourite singers, innit?