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2019 Met La clemenza di Tito audio broadcast tonight

Hello, Tito fans! Long time no talk and even longer no Tito talk. Here‘s the first Tito broadcast of the year that I can think of, audio stream of the resilient 1792 Ponnelle production, with Met Sesto-in-chief JDD and others. Hope you enjoy! I hope I don’t fall asleep, there are 2 hours to go until kick-off. (This paragraph refers to 3 April 2019; if you got here after that date, the link is no longer of help, unless you want to know the future Met audio broadcast dates).

ps: the RAI broadcast of the Florence Tito last month was the first of the year. I’m going to talk about it, as well, in a while. Sorry for all the delays; such is life.

ps2: I did fall asleep.

Met Tito and dehggi’s inner radio host

I’m talking about the 2012 Metropolitan Opera broadcast of their very old production of Tito, about which I had started writing last year and then moved swiftly on. Couldn’t be arsed writing but it turns out I could talk all right:

tito metWhen things won’t work one way, ancient wisdom suggests you should try another way. This Met Tito just wasn’t happening but I felt ready to fuss with audio editing instead. There’s music too, not just yours truly for 15min; I ended up less critical than the picture suggests.

What the hell, eh? I didn’t have any plans for something like this until a couple of days ago. It’s one of those things that just hits you and you have to do it now or else. Maybe it’s just me? Anyway, this was done with a Guitar Hero mic I taped to my desk lamp for stability (hey, those mic stands are more expensive than you think!), Audacity and a bit of Free Studio as I won’t pay for anything unless I absolutely have to (it’s hosted on the free side of podbean too).

So this is what free technology and some free time with your favourite subject will do. Sorry for the uneveness of sound/weird diction/mispronounciations/whatnot, I haven’t done this thing in ages, plus it was hot here (I had to keep the windows open) and a wedding outside my studio lounge. But it was loads of fun and I hope you, dear reader – and now, listener – enjoyed it 🙂