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Catone in Utica (London Handel Festival, 17 March 2015)

catonelondonMarzia soprano: Erica Eloff
Emilia soprano: Christina Gansch
Arbace mezzo-soprano: Emilie Renard
Catone counter-tenor: Andrew Watts Christopher Robson
Cesare bass-baritone: Christopher Jacklin
Conductor: Tom Foster | Opera Settecento | St. George’s Hanover Square

It was Handel’s habit to put on a pasticcio every season where a libretto was matched with interchangeable arias from other operas and composers. This one is from 1732 and is based on Leonardo Leo’s opera of the same title about good ol’ Roman Grumpy Cat man of principle Cato. It’s an opera libretto so only marginally about ethics. Mostly it’s about who marries/loves whom. oh so seria-ous

Semele (London Handel Festival, 10 March 2015)

A few months ago when I was still worrying that I hadn’t seen enough Handel yet, I looked up the London Handel Festival and tried to pick some suitable things to see. Upon reading the synopsis, Semele sounded like fun. Other things came up, among which a certain confusion as to how to book tickets for it.

Long story short, last week I finally managed to buy the last cheap ticket. Come the day of the show, I had completely forgotten what this opera/oratorio was about. But armed with the knowledge it was in English (what was that aria I knew? Oh, it turns out there were two arias I knew) I thought I’d figure it out as it went. Herself she shall adore