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Upcoming at ROH and Glyndebourne 2019

What with everything, I missed the Gen Sale for the return to Wagner at ROH (oh, no!). The Ring Cycle is back this Autumn, with Pappano at the helm. I may look up returns for Stemme’s sake (aka, best intentions). Otherwise, we have the following:

Solomon in concert with Zazzo in the title role

Verdi’s Requiem with Jamie Barton and Stoyanova; sold out at this point

Simon Boranegra… for those of strong Verdi constitution (but where there is Wagner, there is also Verdi and there will be another production for the hardcore Verdians soon; an opera we know and I love to make fun of, because a recent new production at ENO clearly was not enough)

Carmen and Hansel and Gretel for the mezzo-deprived; Dudnikova might be an interesting Carmen, I liked her Principessa de Bouillon.


The Queen of Spades = must not forget

Traviata for the casual goer – it’s still the much loved production

Katya Kabanova – I’ll probably go

Così returns but don’t count me in

Insights Masterclass with soprano Angel Blue who’s doing a stint of Traviata this season


La forza del destino 😉 yep, that one, in Loy’s vision; with Trebs and the Alvaro of our times

Faust – hm, I might go, see how Damrau is holding up, PLUS it’s got Abrahamyan in her ROH debut (!) as Siebel (let’s all lament the fate of very good mezzos). On the downside, Ettinger conducts.

Billy Budd conducted by Ivon Bolton – the all male cast opera, let’s check it out…

Andrea Chenier – NOT with the Alvaro of our times but with Alagna and Radvanovsky! How can we resist that offer?!

Tosca with Opolais/Grigolo/Terfel but the last show brings Draculette back to her rightful territory so yay for those who care.


Boris Godunov still with Terfel but without Ain Anger; so soon? Maybe because they were short of money for a new production…

Carmen, because we’d already missed her, this time with Margaine, and Pisaroni as Escamillo, ha!

Figaro after a couple of seasons, because there are only 3 operas and 1/2 by Mozart; this is the season with Kimchilia Bartoli as Cherubino but also unusually with Gerhaher as Figaro plus Keenlyside as the Count. You know it might actually be worth revisiting and weirdly enough, for the men.

La fille du regiment returns once more, now with Devieilhe, and Camarena will show us his 3283576 high C in a row. Then again, Pido conducts.

In conclusion, some interesting turns but generally a rather meh year ahead for yours truly’s taste.

Glyndebourne 2019

La damnation de Faust – a Richard Jones production, so it could be much fun

Rusalka – nah

Il barbiere – see below

Die Zauberflote – I’ll have to see it at some point, don’t know that this is that point; however, Agathe, David Portillo is Tamino 😉

Cendrillon – usually a spectacular mezzo-mezzo borefest, now with DeNiese and the ever trouserable Kate Lindsey; I mean, they had to make up for the music…

Rinaldo with DeShong in the title role. A bit of a strange choice IMO, but to be honest I have not heard her live and in Handel to boot. I was proven wrong before.

Briefish comments on La fille du regiment (ROH, 18 March 2014)

  • Marie: Patrizia Ciofi 
  • Tonio: Frederic Antoun
  • La Marquise de Berkenfeld: Ewa Podles
  • Sulpice Pingot: Pietro Spagnoli
  • Hortensius: Donald Maxwell
  • La Duchesse de Crakentorp: Kiri Te Kanawa

Conductor: Yves Abel | Chorus & Orchestra of the ROH

This Spring ROH has re-run their very successful 2007 Laurent Pelly production with good reason: it rocks1. 18 March was the last night of this third run and even now it played to a full house and countless curtain calls.

I read the production has in time become a caricature of itself. I don’t know, I haven’t finished the original video yet (see below). I’m also aware ROH regulars have been moaning not La fille again! but that’s like complaining about Die Fledermaus. The opera itself is a sing-along turkey with some proto-feminism and lyricism thrown in for good measure. I think it’s conceived to embrace gimmicks.

It went like this

D’oh moment with La fille du regiment

Good thing I checked, as I forgot the tickets for La fille du regiment went on sale yesterday as well. Got a ticket for the last show (March 18), which means no Florez, but the cast is star studded enough (Ciofi, Kanawa, Podles) and there are good reasons to believe I’ll see him again some time soon. I’m far enough from the stage not to be bothered by Ciofi’s physical appearance. I hope she’s in good voice, the woman has some badass chops.