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ROH Semiramide Radio 3 broadcast alert (Sat, 6 January 2018)

Thanks to thadieu for signalling this for all interested parties:

Semiramide on Radio 3, Saturday, 6 January 2018, 6pm GMT

If that alone doesn’t fill your JDD fix, 6 January is your day, as BBC 3 is running one of her American Songbook recitals at 1pm GMT.


Handel’s Ariodante at Carnegie Hall 2017

… was fabulous šŸ˜€ the drama, the singing! the hair. Now waiting with baited breath (and a nice assortmentĀ of screencaps) for it to cross the Atlantic.

Since I got a bit of traffic on this quip, here are some more screenshots with JDD, since we won’t seeĀ her in Europe:

Summery Rossini (is there any other kind?)

I don’t talk enough about Rossini (and even less so about La cenerentola), so le’t rectify this a bit today:

Considering I think JDD owns this role, I was very, very impressed with Semmingsen’s extra playful approach here. Wonderful handling of that hair curlingĀ coloratura šŸ™‚

So now let’s have Non piu mesta again, also inĀ outdoorsĀ conditions:

edit: but since I’m of the moar mezzos mindset, how about Bartoli for the final?

Awwwpera moment…

I’m not a total grouch and being that toaday is for gushing and hearts, the Daily prompt has actually spurred me to share my first moment of awwwpera:


p style=”text-align:justify;”>I was looking around on youtube, just getting my feet wet, listening to a bit of this and a bit of that and feeling somewhat unsure about how this exploring opera thing went, when I came across this rendition. I immediately thought it was the most adorable thing. I then went on a JDD rampage (there was a lot of youtube pillaging, yes). To this day JDD is my favourite Rosina, just the right mix of playfulness and venom šŸ™‚

Venti, turbini! Do my bidding!

Ever notice that calling on the help of the elements is a favourite past-time in Rinaldo? No less than 3 characters1 do so in grand style.

But let’s talk a bit about this bad-ass aria sung by our hero, one of Orlando furioso‘s great knights. Being as I am a big fan of bravura arias, I’ve heard a good number of renditions out of which three have stuck.

The contralto: It’s a classic so it goes first.Ā La Podles owns when it comes to mighty warriors2.

The countertenor: Slow and dignified; Lazzara does a great job.

The mezzo: And now for one of them downhill races Maestro Spinosi loves so much, warts and all. I like my singers fearless and surely DiDonato is3.

  1. Argante, Armida and Rinaldo. 
  2. I don’t know if she was too close to the microphone when this was recorded but I like this rendition a lot more than the one from 1990 when she sings vaaaenti instead. 
  3. Here is the cute story posted by the uploader in the info: “Joyce was taking over Marie Nicole Lemieux for this recital, the latter being unable to perform this night. She thus sang with sheets of music, and for this specific aria, she made a mistake while reading the score, having forgotten a page. She got lost, the orchestra kept on playing, and she looked at the public laughing and saying “I’m completely lost”. When the encore came, she said “Well, if you allow me, I would really like to sing this entirely!” So this is her 2nd shot :)”