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Opera graphic novels (yes, please)

Leander has posted Act I of Artaserse, the graphic novel, which she’s based on Vinci’s opera seria and Purcărete’s production. Go check it out (if you haven’t already), it’s fun and probably as true to Ancient surroundings as can be. My favourite bits are Artabano’s horns and Arbace’s dream sequence 😉

I’ve often toyed with the idea of opera fan fic, but unlike Leander1, have not persevered just yet. More power to her! It’s another great way of experiencing operas we know and love – and renewing our love for them (and for Metastasio’s (etc.) libretti). There should be more out there! – both opera graphic novels and opera fan fics.

  1. Leander’s Artaserse‘s isn’t fan fic, it’s faithful to the libretto.