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Things Germany does well

Tonight (and most nights): music

Whilst the Handel Fest is in full swing in Halle, the better known Leipzig next door is hosting Wave Gothic Treffen, which is one of the biggest of its (“dark”) kind. Pretty damn impressive for cities of their size!

In an interesting twist of fate my fave (“dark”) band was playing tonight but due to not enough planning, no one-trip combination of baroque and black metal was possible this year. But it’s an interesting thought, especially if you worm your way in wearing the same attire.

ps: “dark” – I can’t bring myself to drop the “”.
ps2: yes, I got here after dark, which is unusual for me when I visit a new location. But how else could it be? 😉 I swear there is a bat nest under the roof.
ps3: it might not be Italy, but there are helpful cute women in East Germany as well ❤ then again, for once the humidity was just right for my hair to look good…