Tito Day / Tito Month in 2020

Why, hello! It’s been a few weird months, eh? Anyway, I did not forget today rounds up 229 years of Mozartian Titoness. But because it’s been the kind of year where trips to the opera have added up to a grand total of nil for yours truly, I’ll leave you with a Tito gif-joke I just know y’all love and have missed 😉

I have to say, I had not realised just how much regular outings to the opera / other cities contribute to my sanity. I always had a feeling I was exaggerating a bit by overbooking. Turns out, no amount of hours spent gaming a kazillion different games or reading or listening to podcasts or even playing with pets has a similar effect. I always thought I could win one of those “locked up for a month in a cabin in Alaska in the middle of winter” challenges but this year has proved me wrong. I needs people! and exciting locales! and a good ol’ live show where half the audience is coughing and your only worry is that they’re disrupting a really fine performance. Remember that? Innocent times. On the other hand, the garden at work has never looked better. Neither did the cupboards in my kitchen… But, honestly, I’d even go watch this Tito right now 😉

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  1. Sesto is working a lot on abs and glutes there!! (the lockdown has my entire physical body falling apart.. and i have to search up on what on earth glutes are to strenghten them to aid the back!) at least some local scenes are open in London? One of the things I realize in this lock down is even in a simple task of conversing with a live person you actually engage a lot of muscles and brains so the entire body acts in concert and is thus in harmony, whereas “talking to yourself” or sitting in front of the computer amounts to 90% of your muscles inactivated and the rest has to compensate while everything heads toward needing glutes and abs … i might look into Sesto’s dance above to see how i could incorporate into my daily sanity routine! (though it might require a live oboeist 😉 )

    • is it your back that crapped on you? I wonder if it’s the stress?

      the glutes are the ass cheeks 😀 I too have exercised during this period, although even as I make it sound like I’m not meeting a soul, I of course have continued work as usual. But it’s work and work-related conversations day in, day out. Did I mention my housemate moved out just before the lockdown started? My workmates have gone totally kookoo over “traditional” safety measures (we had chopped onion in the office). I’m not entirely sure what’s open and what’s not as far as venues minus the pubs. The kookooness has rubbed off on me and I’m not sure I want to be inside a venue with a lot of people I don’t know just now, with the conflicting messages coming from the government as to what’s safe and what’s not.

      • ah no, no stress! but sitting too much.. which at a certain age is exponentially detrimental all around.. i still can’t close my fists on both hands.. another thing.. i really understand what you mean by we don’t appreciate the effect interaction and live culture on the mind and body.. each day now i have to “wake up” my glutes 😉 I even return to that lynx video from time to time to admire those cuties paws and power when they jumped from the table to the bar on the ceiling.. what else, those walks in the parks! did you know giggling and laughing is good for your abs?

        I have seen shows popping up in Italy and Germany, with lots of facemasks and tests and 2m apart.. but unfortunately i agree it’s still risky to be inside (i so want to escape but dread the tight space on planes!) And here the idea is simply to escape just to interact with humans…

        • I heard Salzburg went on this year (I guess the rich couldn’t live without their music fix). But I was walking to a buddy from work who also loves to travel and we agreed that traveling with all these restrictions (plus the dread of of tight space on planes and the self isolation upon return) really takes all the fun out of everything.

          good to hear you agree about the risks, i had started to think I was too fearful because we need to take so many precautions at work so I’m used to the masks by now, whereas outside I see lots of people who don’t seem to care. School has started this week and the kids are not wearing masks on public transportation… I can totally see how they wouldn’t because it’s most uncool thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me nervous. So between your aches and pains and my shaking my fist at the kids, we’re the image of old people now 😉

          what are you doing about your fist problem?

          • I can totally see how they wouldn’t

            no i don’t! that’s stupid, whatever macho ideas they cook up to make excuses for not wearing.. here not only they make up stupid excuses but also waving their weapons…

            Actually i’m quite used to seeing it , and I think it’s very prevalent in Asia due to air polution, as well as respect I read, respect for other people that you’re not spitting at them while speaking loudly…

            I think it’s very reasonable to be mindful and worry, given that as “old” people as we are now , our immune system is more prone to instability.. and if we learn anything about chaotic systems.. it’s that if the system is near the breaking point, extremely minor disturbance can become very unpredictable…. ideally we’d have liked to suddenly learn we’ve been positive all along but haven’t felt a thing! but whether we’re comfortable to willingly invite the virus to the system and “sit and watch” how unpredictable or stable our systems are… am not so sure..

            with the shutdown.. within 2 months my body totally broke down, as i’ve never stayed in 1 place and working for so long.. so the wrists and fingers (in addition to the back) gave in.. and now 2 months in and am still holding out hopes blood will come circulate around them fingers eventually! petting animals and getting electric shock (from static on their fur) sounds like a good therapy! 😀

            oh, because it’s most uncool thing in the world

            actually i quite like them as fashion statement, if you get good designs and fit for them.. i’d be very happy prancing the neighborhood sporting new designs , as they’re really occupying your whole face, hihi.

            • ah, I see. You’re a proper workaholic, so no wonder that happened now that you had no downtime. Maybe you just need to stop working for a while.

              around here the rumor is that even if you had it/developed immunity, there’s no saying for how long that immunity will last as this thing might mutate. I did my immunity test and apparently I have none, which is interesting seeing as how I was in direct contact with at least 3 people who had it. I want to think that my system is that strong but I kinda doubt it after the horrible flu I had a couple of years ago. But who knows?!

              the good thing about the masks is that they hide a lot of emotion… there are lots of cool designs here as well. One of my coworkers got us a boxful of masks in wacky patterns. She also go us proper scrubs, so now I look like a surgeon 😉

              no i don’t! that’s stupid

              my point exactly – kids and young people are stupid about things like this.

              we’re apparently going into mini-lockdown now for the autumn season. We should’ve followed the Asian example and proper be disciplined about wearing them from the getgo.

              • you know, i used to recover after 3 days, not 3 months 😉

                there are lots of studies.. but as one of the doctors i followed said, we’re building the airplanes as we fly.. incomplete data sets make it so hard.. and it seems to attack quite a few parts of the body as well.. ah, i remember, there’s a nice link on it, this one.

                I think if you have been exposed your immune system would have put up a fight and leave some evidence .. but there’s also the possible false negative.. ah the flu 2 yrs ago! i caught too! they explained they made the wrong guess on the ingredient for the vaccine! so tons of people got quite sick.. i remember it was the worst i had in like 17 yrs!

                did you run out of scrubs? during peaked time i remember so many hospitals were desperate for them.. those poor doctors and nurses..

                about them masks, i still haven’t figured out the best way to not get my glasses all steamed up.. that’s the most uncomfortable part, otherwise i rather like the ninja look! now just need a sword and learn out to jump windows 😉

                • work on the glutes before you jump out the window maybe, Dr T

                  seriously I don’t understand what all the mask complaining is about, it’s a fine opportunity to accessorize.

                  meanwhile our state university system is realizing the hard way that college students are irresponsible. Shocker!

                  • masks = muzzle, isn’t it? Free speech curtailed and all. Or at least that’s what certain lockdown protesters are saying here. The anti vaxxers were also out protesting last week. If the whole pandemic wasn’t quite annoying already it would be very funny.

                • we didn’t run out of anything but we did get a few different types of things – made in China, of course, which freaked out a lot of people. The current masks are a bit scratchy until they get a bit of wear and tear by which time you need to change them 😉 for scrubs I got these really nifty grey ones that EVERYBODY seems to love. I don’t think I’ve ever had another outfit that got so many compliments in my life. I also have a pair made from London Olympics remnants in which I look like a clown 😀 these also come with milkmaid hats…

                  • there’re so many chances to make fashion statement 😉 .
                    scrub.. i don’t think i’ve ever a chance to put on one yet! but how did you get your hands on the pair with London Olympics remnants? those are collectible right?! and who made the grey? are they different in fit from the normal whites or just because of darker color they look cooler? grey is almost like boiler suit!
                    i once own one of them (dark green-grey) and regretted deeply that i got rid of it during one of my many moves.. it was so cool moving around in it! and another one i don’t think you’ve ever gotten to try: mustang suit! I have been pondering saving up and purchasing one of those (xsmall for us) just so i can walk around with my 2nd skin in “winter”.. it’s sooooooo cozy .

  2. So nice to hear from you! I was actually wondering on Saturday if you would post on Tito Day this year… 🙂

  3. “I’d even go watch this Tito right now” 😂😂😂 (that gif IS still a favourite!)

  4. I am with you Dehggi. I miss my life. Hang in there, the vaccine is not far.

  5. (a bit random, but i found a t-shirt for you, D! )

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