6 years of opera, innit?

So many things have happened in 6 years… with me, with the world and, obviously, with the blog. Whenever I look back I return heartened, because imagine if it all stayed the same? Which is, of course, not how life goes, even when you’re living in less Interesting times than we currently do.

Blogwise, 2019 is looking like the best (by far) as regards to visitors and views might just edge the previous best (if I post a bit more). Thank you all for reading, especially considering that this year I’ve barely posted a little over 20 times. I am touched people want to read. I’m also glad that you find what I’ve written over the years interesting. It’s been a really good challenge for me as an amateur writer as well as for self discovery.

If you feel a certain air of finality about this post you’re not wrong but not in the sense that I’ll abandon opera, innit? There are too many good memories and too many good people linked to this blog 🙂 let’s see where 15/10/2020 finds us all.

About dehggial

Mozart/Baroque loving red dragon

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  1. Real life friendships. They continue even if the blogging takes a pause. Big hug.

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