Cosa fan tutta, tutu, tut… vs the cool crowd

Have you noticed how nobody can pronounce this one?

DaPonte: … and the biggest joke of all shall be its title!

One of my colleagues likes to listen to ClassicFM and although the playlist is mostly waltzes, 19th century stuff with cymbals, Mozart piano music, waltzes, film music, Elgar, more waltzes or arias recorded at least 30 years ago, the posh sounding DJs have somehow not managed to learn how to say the opera titles/aria names the composer failed to provide in English for our convenience. I haven’t felt so proud of my Italian opera title proficiency in a good while.

Conclusion: the music selection might be mostly boring, but listening to ClassicFM DJs’ mangled Italian will make you feel good about yourself.

PS: the prize of the current ClassicFM competition is a trip to Maastricht to visit Andre Rieu’s fairy castle. I mean, come on! Who would refuse that?! I did. I went to Maastricht last month, spent more time than strictly necessary and I still failed to visit that wonder of the classical world 😦

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  1. Is ClassicFM as geriatric as our 96.3 Classical? I find listening to it (which I hardly do anymore since I only ever used to while driving to refereeing gigs) hilarious. All the ads are for retirement homes or funeral plans. Going to one of their recording sessions is even weirder.

  2. You haven’t posted in a while so I’m just leaving this here… Hashtag Romanian mother? (Or South Slav mother equally, come to think of it… and a we’ve heard from hashtag Chinese mother and hashtag Jamaican mother on twitter too.)

    • the comments are funny as all getout! But, yes, “She’s at the end of her career, anyway, so don’t you get all comfy about this win. I’ll see you after the next 10hrs of practice.”

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