Agrippina in London, round one (next week)

*Please note that…


Am I the only one who has a sharp intake of breath whenever they have to *please note something regarding casting?

For the much awaited Barbican Agrippina concert performance currently touring I got my tickets last March, that is March 2018 – it was an accident, I am not quite as rabid an early Handel fan, though the amount of Ogni vento I listened to in the past couple of days could have had one fooled. But because of recent I have been known to forget shows I wanted to see (I also forgot to vote today…), I thought checking and rechecking that the show has not happened yet would be a good idea.

What I found out was that the show is still on 31 May BUT now we have to:

*Please note Kathryn Lewek is replaced by Elsa Benoit in the role of Poppea for this performance – well, ok, I guess?

**Please note Marie-Nicole Lemieux is replaced by Xavier Sabata in the role of Ottone for this performance – NOOOOO! …but it could be much worse

***Please note Jakub Jósef Orlinski is replaced by Carlo Vistoli in the role of Narciso for this performance – why, that one could be good!

In case you are wondering, I am not touring along. Round two should be in the Fall, when the Kosky production graces ROH. I guess we are lucky JDD is such a big name and that she likes her Baroque so she can use her influence with the big houses.

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  1. Elsa Benoit, wasn’t she Azema in Munich? But too bad about Lemieux! Vistoli, yes, that change is good. But how can they just randomly change around people?

    • I suppose the original ones dropped out? I think it happens fairly often – the ROH Mitridate had like 3 of the main roles drop out and so on. Maybe they dropped out at different times, as well. I had not checked the Barbican site for ages. As for Azema, I think I can be excused if I never focused on her…

      • Ehe, right, focusing on her would be difficult :-D, but I happened to listened to that radio recording quite a bit and thought she was doing a good job with those small bits she had to sing.

  2. Benoit was in the Jolly-staged “Fantasio” with Crebassa and the verdict was that we liked her.

  3. so there is hope that if you wait long enough they will swap out again and you get back Lemieux plus a couple extra mezzos 😁

  4. OK, who’s going to be there anyway? I am.

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