2019 Met La clemenza di Tito audio broadcast tonight

Hello, Tito fans! Long time no talk and even longer no Tito talk. Here‘s the first Tito broadcast of the year that I can think of, audio stream of the resilient 1792 Ponnelle production, with Met Sesto-in-chief JDD and others. Hope you enjoy! I hope I don’t fall asleep, there are 2 hours to go until kick-off. (This paragraph refers to 3 April 2019; if you got here after that date, the link is no longer of help, unless you want to know the future Met audio broadcast dates).

ps: the RAI broadcast of the Florence Tito last month was the first of the year. I’m going to talk about it, as well, in a while. Sorry for all the delays; such is life.

ps2: I did fall asleep.

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  1. oops, i’ve joined in quite late.. Publio is very operatic… (i think i’m hearing Publio.. and not Tito..)

  2. “resilient” – yep. that about covers it. resilient ochre plissé.

  3. Ohh, missed it, but I wouldn’t have made it far anyway. How was van den Heever? She seems to be very versatile, I heard her as Lohengrin Elsa years ago and was impressed back then.

  4. But I just see, they have a few video clips on their website!

  5. NYC could have used a little more 1792 back in 1984, tbh.

  6. To be clear, that’s the link to the webcast schedule. They will broadcast the Apr 20 matinee performance on radio, for all you mad Tito completists 🙂

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