Right now: Ann Hallenberg in Moscow (mezzo arias)

In case you need a reminder: check it out. At the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

Il ritorno di Tobia Haydn

Overture and aria Sudo il guerierro

Haydn’s stuff is always fun until he gets too noodly. I thought the aria was a bit low for her but an always welcome start.

Paride aed Elena Gluck

Paride’s mournful aria (don’t know the title)

It fit her very well; really nice variations in the middle section.

La clemenza di Tito Mozart

Overture and Deh, per questo instante solo

Capuano’s take on the overture is of the jaunty kind. There is a reason is often played in concerts. Her take on Deh, per questo… is something I think I talked about before. very affecting and natural at the same time ❤

Orphee et Eurydice Gluck

Amour, viens rendre a mon ame

Just yes, with a lot of warm smiles. The public loved it, too. Somehow 40min went in a blink.


L’italiana in Algeri Rossini

Overture and Cruda sorte!

The overture got out the bombast but perhaps not so much the Italian silliness. AH got all that in Cruda sorte. Just wonderful and tossed off like nothing.

Otello Rossini

Song of the willow

I know nothing about any Ot(h)ello operas, honestly. It sounds beautiful enough and very suited to AH’s tone.

La favorite Donizetti


Favaritka? It sounded like that in Russian. The darkest thing so far. The Russians love to go very Romantic on things.

Semiramide Rossini

Arsace! not the obvious choice from him, either but In si barbara sciagura.


Che faro senza Euridice Gluck (Orfeo)

Really heartfelt, but then again, it’s AH.

Il segreto per esser felice Donizetti (Lucrezia Borgia)

Great to hear Il segreto…! The drinking song with a dark undertow. One of the first mezzo arias I got into, in that random manner one does. I want to listen to it on repeat now. Is there something she can’t sing?

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  1. i listening!! already an improvement with an italian conductor, not the rigid human who kept shoving VK into certain tempo from 2012!

  2. damn.. you know how i hear 1 aria from certain signer and it triggers the need to listen to the entire opera to see how it fits in?!

  3. Orphée !! en français! melikes!

  4. the flautist (and oboist? and clarinist?) practicing hard during intermission

  5. Thanks for the reminder! Too bad, I only switched in during the break, but now there she is finally.

  6. errr , this is Desdemona…

  7. ah! interesting choice of aria! yah!! too bad chorus missing!! WE NEED CHORUS for this aria!!

  8. …I’m tempted to sing the chorus myself now.

  9. (argh, i lost the connection! is she singing more?)

  10. Hope the dinner is not overcooked now, but worth it!

  11. &)(&@% lost internet over that entire aria except for beginning and end

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