Arquez triumphans in Amsterdam

Thadieu: Arquez is the best Juditha ever!

Everyone else: Confermo!

That is all.

For now.

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  1. WELL.
    that’s great to hear, she was absolutely wasted on that TADW Teseo. Looking forward to all your takes on this 🙂

    • We were all surprised! All I knew was Idamante, which did not tip me one way or another. T was very apprehensive – and then Arquez started singing. We were all “wait a minute!” For me it was VERY different from how she sounded as Idamante, there were depths I did not imagine she had. All of this is not to take away from Iervolino, it’s just we knew what we were getting with her and Arquez came completely out the leftfield. Shows you what the right repertoire does for a singer. It was a special bonus to have both roles covered on this level. Also, so far I have only the best to say about Amsterdam Opera. Wonderful all around experience that will be reported at length.

  2. NO WAY! You guys were there! We need better organization, I would have loved to meet you…. Wasn’t the music amazing? Arquez was spectacular, and Iervolino stole my heart, as usual.

  3. ps- we should clarify that she’s the best in the sense we (us) never had a chance to hear Mingardo or Prina or Hallenberg live as Juditha, not even in concert.. and staging was wishful..

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