ROH 2018-19 Winter Season now on general sale

It started yesterday, whilst I was merrily lounging in bed but I still got tickets to the Queen of Spades and Kat’a Kabanova at leisure just now. Kat’a is especially cheap (Queen is not). Here‘s the rest of your options.

So after that somewhat Pelleas at Glyndebourne, Herheim comes to ROH for the Queen of Spades, whilst it’s up to dehggi favourite Richard Jones to tackle Kat’a, which also sees Amanda Majeski’s debut at ROH. Very curious about this.

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  1. (i thought i read Kasarova and was inpressed ahe has her own opera now 😉 )
    (a friend was asking for inputs on La Forza with Neb and Kauf.. you can imagine my enthusiasm 😉 )

    • haha to both! I wish it was about VK! Imagine trying to find someone to play her! I’d love those trials.

      Neb and JK – well… also don’t forget all the tenor/baritone waffling for like 2 hours. I was very enthusiastic, myself 😉 it’s already been done by ENO and now ROH and I’m ignoring like there’s no tomorrow 😀

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