French disconnection

As you can probably see from the lack of activity, this October has been a bit inconsistent. When I saw someone’s been checking out that fun Karin Gauvin post from a while back, I got rather irritated because I was supposed to see her again today. I did not get there, due to freak Victoria line issues (and since it was a lunchtime concert, if you don’t get there on time it’s really not worth the hassle of running there and then running back to work and having to explain your rather conspicuous lateness). This is bad enough but exactly two weeks ago I was supposed to see Sandrine Piau. I did not get there, due to a cold that was at its worst on that specific day. So much for seeing one or more French singers a month (you might remember that was a staple for a while there).

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  1. “Dislike”, that’s bad luck indeed!

  2. yes, dislike-worthy 😉

    ps: I will at some point write a “mardy” post about all the shows I missed this year due to something or another – so that people can play the smallest violin in the world for me 😉

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