ENO’s rolling good times 2018-2019

Good news, ENO seems to be powering on most cylinders. Some interesting things written in English:

Oct – Nov 2018 Porgy and Bess! How cool, I’ve always wanted to see it, so yay ENO.

Feb 2019 Akhnaten is back already! 😀 I’m going twice again. Whoever wants to come along, please do, it’s a lot of fun. Maybe they’ll film it this time?

Apr 2019 Jack the Ripper – I wonder if it’s ok. I’ve always been in two minds about the subject – on the one hand unsolved mystery = yes, on the other serial killers = eh

May 2019 Dido (without Aeneas?) Dido and Belinda?

There’s also a new Salome (but this Strauss has been seen around town in recent years so I don’t know), and a new Merry Widow that could be fun.

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  1. Dido (without Aeneas?) Dido and Belinda?
    progress has been made, hurrah!!

  2. I’m coming to Akhnaten, Dehgg! Only once, but enough to make up for having missed it last time. I can only credit my love of Ancient Egypt and my curiosity about Roth Costanzo’s voice for getting me along to an opera by Glass, of all people…!

    • Excellent! Let me know which date works for you 🙂 It’s really VERY melodic if quite repetitive (so that one melody, you’ll either love or hate 😉 ) and the production is very fun, with lots of interesting costumes and not overly “modern”.

  3. I had to look up Akhnaten, didn’t know it at all but the production looks good! I like Porgy and Bess as well, plus, no language confusion at ENO.

    • to be fair, aside from the Narrator, everyone speaks in dead languages in Akhnaten 😀 It’s actually my fave contemporary opera, goes very smoothly for my ears.

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