Glyndebourne 2018 Gen sale kickoff

Currently waiting for the General sale to start, busy twiddling my thumbs, hoping not to end up too far back in the queue.

Here is a picture from last year:

Cavalli’s Hipermestra; the view from the Blue Circle Standing Room

Hipermestra = I fudged that writeup real well. I guess the reason is I still haven’t warmed up properly to Cavalli. It was very good – and I really liked the staging, with the small band not only given a lot of stage but becoming part of the show later on – but it was the kind of very good that didn’t make me very verbose. Aside from Nessie, about which I should talk some more.

But! On to the famous Giulio Cesare 😀

6:02 : Bad gateway!

7:02 : yours truly still 278 in the queue but we seem to have done a great job as a group 😀 we’re in business, thanks to spitfiretommy, who was a real spitfire and shot out and grabbed seats ❤

7:30 : the Cesare tickets went like hot cakes. I don’t think there’s anything left online at this point, so it’s all returns from now on. But there’s phone booking starting tomorrow morning, so luck could be had that way.

Let us not forget there are other productions this year, such as: Saul (a Kosky production), Pelleas et Melisande, Richard Jones’ Der Rosenkavalier, Vanessa (Samuel Barber) and Madama Butterfly. I myself (eventually) got a ticket to Saul (La Gauvin is in it!) and one for Pelleas (I’m not too keen on it but it’s a new production 😉 I mean I don’t hate it and I may like it even better in the house).

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  1. bad gateway here, too…

  2. well then!! that was a frantic minute of not really knowing what was going on.. i’m now #445 in the queue

  3. i had bad gateway then went directly from a previous page i’d opened to the ‘book now’ link:

  4. No. 564 in the queue. I am pretty much reconciled with the fact that there won’t be any tickets for my desired date and that I’ll have to wait for the returns. Which are I’m told are usually quite a few, but need to be caught the second they appear.

  5. ok, now I’m no. 1186, which probably isn’t very helpful…

  6. now getting down to #343… i’m happy to buy for you all if we can work out what range/seat area we each want!
    Cesare on June 15, Rosenkavalier on June 19, any other requests?

  7. I wonder if people try several different devices simultaneously. Laptop, phone, tablet… Like booking a rec program through the city of Toronto website. Day of, all devices on.

  8. 4 in the queue now!! imminent

  9. nothing much available upper circle except right around the tail ends at the sides

  10. basically only standing available on june 15 and some 200 pounders

  11. oops. only £50 slips and standing left for june 15. shall I buy 4? upper circle level?

  12. can i ask how’s the foyer circle sound? do you know, Dehggi?

  13. 2x standing tickets for Cesare and Rosenkav for Anna and Dehggi, plus an extra for July 20 for D
    I splurged myself, coming from so far 🙂

  14. OK – and I bought one standing restricted as well, as insurance. If I get returns, I’ll return this one. See you all three on June 15th!

  15. I’m so relieved now that the worst is over, so to say… can’t stop smiling! 😀 and really looking forward to this!

  16. It’s my first time booking for Glyndebourne, was wondering if they do any tickets under £80ish? By the time I got through the only available tickets for Saul were £130 and up, so I’m wondering whether to bite the bullet or try for returns

    • they do, usually £50 for seats in the Upper Circle horseshoe and the standing ones, wgich tend to be between £15 and £30. There is also a price dufference between weekend and weekdays. I say it’s a long time til Summer, try for the returns 🙂

  17. Can I just say I love that Glyndebourne’s ticket-buying experience is like trying to score tickets to see Metallica do a club show. 🙂

  18. Y’all, there are returns almost every day on the site. They’re trickling in. Mostly the very expensive ones, but I’ve seen some for 100-ish GBP too, just not for my date. Signs are good; maybe the middle aged among us (i.e. me) will get to sit down after all.

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