Bad night for Roschmann?

(it’s one of those old news chez dehggi moments)

From Serenade‘s account of a 2017 performance of Le Nozze at Wiener Staatsoper (the other opera house in Vienna 😉 ):

The Countess was played by Dorothea Roschmann herself an erstwhile Susanna. In my opinion she has not quite graduated yet to the bigger role and she would do well to limit her appearances as the Countess. Her Porgi amor at the beginning of Act Two was sung with beauty of tone and a quick vibrato. But her Act Three Aria Dove sono was disappointing as it lacked breath control and a sense of line. She was unable to take any of the long phrases in a single breath and there were times when the voice just did not carry forward.

She has not quite graduated?! Ehehehe. I think I’d still like to see her as the Countess even on a so-so day. Then again, I’d rather see my fave singers on their good days.

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  1. What the…? If anyone does the most amazing singing on the breath it’s Röschmann, especially in Mozart! Isn’t it striking when reviewers pick out a singer’s greatest strengths as weaknesses, like recently a reviewer calling Mingardo lacking colours?

    • I’m very baffled, which is why I can only imagine it was a bad night. Though with Mingardo we know it wasn’t… so a bad night for the reviewer?

      • I don’t know, it really irks me when critics think they can judge a singer’s technique, because so much of it is also individual style and of course listener’s taste. It’s something else to say “I can’t really warm up to this” but remarks like “has not quite graduated”…unbelievable! (in this case it is actually funny because so clearly out of place, but it would be very patronizing with regard to a younger singer as well).

  2. well now that’s just uncalled for. “not quite graduated?” for Röschmann?? please.

    • it is uncalled for but it’s too funny to take entirely seriously, since we have multiple video evidence that vouch for her qualifications as Contessa. If I were a reviewer and her interpretation didn’t do it for me I’d have worded it a bit differently, out of fear of ridicule. That being said, I also made a similar mistake a few years back and then realised the said singer had recorded the role already 😮

      • Foolish. It’s possible she was having a bad night and, if so, a review should say so but generalising from one performance is crazy. I not so long ago reviewed a Figaro in which the Countess, sung by a singer who has impressed me in the past, was awful on the night. That’s not just my opinion, my view was confirmed by several people including singers. I dealt with it but I didn’t suggest, say, that maybe this singer was over the hill or something of the sort. There were one or two reviews that night that praised the singing in question. That really bothers me too. Either the reviewers in question have cloth ears or they were being dishonest.

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