Vivaldi’s L’incoronazione di Dario (Torino) out on DVD/BluRay

Flora: The beauty of love, two hearts becoming one! Statira: Literally? (gif by gifmaster thadieu)

I have to praise Teatro Regio/Dynamic once more for the speed with which they released this DVD, recorded in April 2017. It definitely does the job of presenting the stage environment and the sound appears very good. A bunch of us have watched it the other day and nobody seemed to have any complaints on sound quality. This is the kind of opera where piano singing is integral to its success and here it does come through.

You might have reservations regarding the staging (oil pipes everywhere to represent the Middle East) but it’s far from annoying. Anyway, most of the action is carried by the dramatic capabilities of the singers, all of which have superior comedy chops. I’ve talked about it before (twice), as has thadieu and Giulia, so there’s really not much more to add, beside the fact that I liked some of the singers (especially Cirillo) better here than in the house and that, even after seeing it twice already, it’s still (very) funny.

I encourage you to get the DVD/BluRay or have someone gift it to you for the holidays 😉 A few years back Dantone recorded it on CD with most of the same cast but it’s just not the same. Here’s your chance to laugh at the dialogue as well as hum along to the endlessly catchy tunes.

thanks again to thadieu 😀

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  1. you have 2 posts on this right? should link both 🙂

  2. and a few more notes, esp. because you know i listened that radio broadcast round and round and round 😉

    i was very impressed with the sound recording of the DVD. They mounted some super nice mic in the pit (you can see during the overture) and it appears music quality is the utmost concern. That the singers are so good in acting in addition to singing just makes the show such a whole.
    I’m still puzzled how they recorded the singers, might have been mounted mic on self? but that didn’t really address the hearing of Galou (better captured in various positions 😉 ). I have the impression they put mic more in suspension(?) and at front just beyond the pit. What i missed a tiny bit is the staging “sound” and the audience sound, which you hear very well during the radio broadcast of the opening night.
    speaking of radio broadcast, because i’ve memorized that version 🙂 , it’s very nice to hear the contrast in energy between the various nights! really nice. You can hear for example Niceno reacted a bit differently to when Statira said: “oh! i know, Dario wants to marry just so he can steal ears from me!” , or SM did the “na na na na” very funnily during the opening 🙂 (you can CLEARLY see her face and finger swaggered just from that line she sang).
    i’m surprised Tomasoni’s sound came off less impressive than live.

    • (just to note that i had my comment “numbered” 1,2,3,4.. and WP bot stripped numbers automatically!)

    • I am now compelled to check and see if I can find the mics on them. But they are all so bundled up! With Galou I think positioning is key, so as long as the mic was in front of her everything was a-ok.

      • but you know, all singers were as well heard in the DVD as when we were in the hall (you think? i thought both Cirillo and Mameli projected better in the auditorium. And Mingardo and Tomasoni had more resonance in the auditorium)

        • I think you’re right about Cirillo and Mameli (I tried to slightly block Mameli as I don’t quite like her sound). I didn’t notice the bit about Mingardo and Tomasoni, I’ll listen again with this in mind. I do remember Tomasoni went all out the first night but was a lot more subdued the second time.

          • (jeah, and it was that 1st night that they recorded, that’s why i was puzzled she didn’t sound as prominent in the dvd. might be that now we get zoomed in versions of the contraltos 😉 )

            • I’m pretty sure the idea was “get the contraltos to sound good” 😉

              • (haha, i’m laughing look at the gif. the way she looked, first at 1 hand, then other, then tried to follow Flora’s face+description, face = brain cranking hard trying to “understand”, haha)

                • I just love how she pushes the hands “this is too much!” She needs to do more comedy 😉

                  • you know, i think she did a lot of comedy, but they were just not captured. i guess when you’re labeled as a (top) pine-r.. but let’s face it, she’s not well captured, period! we’re lucky to have her on the very few videos simply by “accident”: Andronico b/c of Domingo, Polinesso b/c of VK (yay), Neris b/c of Antonacci (yay).. Mrs. Quickly because it’s Verdi and in Italy with some big names.. (she’s quite cute in there), and Senior Goldoni (you should check her dub of Elsa in there, pretty funny).. Messenger because Orfeo = better market (instead of Penelope where she’s front and center..) in fact the only one she was featured was Galatae in Turin, and to a much lesser degree Disinganno in Aix.

                    • yea, for someone who’d been around a long time that’s not much. But I do respect her determination to sing what she wants/is good at.

                    • good call on that Verdi! I should make an effort to watch, at least the bits where she’s in 😉

                    • we were wondering why S.Prina was singing Verdi… i guess if you stay in Italy sooner or later you will sing Verdi 🙂 . next thing we know Prina will be throwing babies into the fire 😀 (but not before Orlando!)

                    • good question to ask her if the opportunity arises again: have you thrown babies into the fire yet? Haha. I can’t fault Italians for celebrating Verdi but they have so many great composers, the balance is unfairly skewed in his favour.

                    • it’s only within the last 3 years that we get serious staging of Vivaldi’s work right? first Juditha (why on earth did they get Custer, argh), and now Dario.. so we can hope Prina’s Orlando will be taped too 🙂

                    • Orlando’s got a bit of exposure (Mijanovic, Lemieux, some CTs, I think) but yes, I hope they tape it 😀 After all, 2018 is the 240th anniversary of Vivaldi’s birth, they should do something.

                      Custer is a great mystery…

  3. Only slightly OT news item from the Far Provinces here for HIP feminist Vivaldi documentary nerds.

    • I have a lot of respect for Vivaldi for what he did with/for the girls at the orphanage. My lefty heart thinks he wasn’t only a great musician but he also “gave back to the community” in a practical manner. Then, of course, he helped himself too, and I have respect for that as well. He’s done a hell of a lemonade with the lemons he was given 😀

  4. This is thrilling news, Dehgg! I had no idea this was coming out on DVD so I bought the Blu-ray immediately after reading your blog post and will save it for New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day as a treat to myself. I’m so excited to add further Persian intrigue to my opera library. Go Dario!

  5. (Dehggi, now that i pay close attention, you should ponder a pillow gif 😉 )

  6. casual mention i currently grinning through this whole production… (again..)

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