Happy Tito Day to all Tito lovers!

As the banner says, September is normally Tito Month but since we had a very full August this year I think we’re all taking it easy in September 😉 Nonetheless, (this) September 6 marks the 226th anniversary of Mozart’s Tito premiere in Prague. So I’ll leave you with that silly Sesto and Vitellia dance from Sellars’ production:

I think it’s supposed to be erotic? I don’t quite believe Vitellia is trying to ascertain Sesto isn’t armed and ready to off her instead, though they are performing those weird stabbing movements as well… I guess the little dance gives you the gist of the opera and especially the gist of Sellars’ approach to it.


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  1. wasnt this a gif? gif gif gif!

    • it’s still a gif as far as I know… and I actually have more Tito gif projected but I’m way too busy this week.

      • oh? i only see a photo, and i am able to zoom in on photo too! may be it s my phone , will come back later for the hillarious stabbing 🙂

        • sounds like your phone is doing some magic stuff of its own 😉

          • hihihihihi, this gif. the way the repel each other, waay too spontaneous.
            (good news then: i somehow succeeded in turning off gif both on laptop and phone, graet! (save battery). but when heading to site, one can fully enjoy them repelling.)

            • I like “repelling”. Poor things. I tried to make it even faster but then it looks like they’re brushing lint off each other’s shirts 😉 also sticking reverse to it makes it incredibly smooth, to the point where I wasn’t sure if they’re doing the same thing or not – so I decided to just leave it as it is. The interesting thing is if you want to check how smooth choreography is you just speed it up. You can see how precise it is on the Silla production (which I think was mad with choreography so points to Crebassa from running like a (very graceful) headless chicken and singing that difficult stuff. Here it’s a bit like they were left to their own devices, as they don’t synchronise perfectly. On the one hand I like it (Sesto and Vitellia aren’t on the same page) on the other it’s like, well, you want them to do some precise moves perhaps with more meaning than just a pretty dance and you don’t get them to synchronise?

              • so I decided to just leave it as it is
                sometimes things are so natural there’s no need to mess with it 😉

                ok, i see it now. i was impressed with your speeding up, doing it the asian martial-art choreography style, instead of my over-dramatized hollywood slow down versions 😉 i was always super pissed at how they do martial arts movies in the US, where a move takes up like 5min.. whereas in Asia, they say 2 words, then 200000 moves (and flying!) in 1min 😉

                On the repel, have you ever just put 2 magnets together? and they bounce right off each other. That, to me, is the highlight of synchronization , the rest, brushing whatever off each other chests… hihi.

                • you try all the tricks you know and if it’s not working you just leave it. Slowdown is good too (I want to use slowdown and speed up with the Ariodante stuff) but in this case it makes it a bit confusing. Trust me, I tried all sorts of things on it. First off, the dance is very long and not very flowing. There are several things that are interesting but they don’t follow each other. So I worked with two different bits from the dance and decided on this one.

                • I think this “1 move takes 5min” thing has only been around since The Matrix, when it was so new and trendy. I think it’s fun when they do it Currentzis-style, now very slow for a second, then really quick for 5min. But it did get old and it seems Hollywood hasn’t caught on to it (or maybe it has and I fell off the action movie wagon, with all these crap super hero franchises) 😉 Before that I think they were doing it “normally”.

  2. Haha, I see the gif, though it’s hard to look at for too long. Great blog title bar as well! (Is that my favourite Ninja Kai, the one with the great hair, covering as Sesto?)
    Happy Tito Day!

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