OMG Tito moment and update on Glyndebourne livestream date

Cast update I somehow have missed:

Tito: Richard Croft

Be still my beating heart! ❤ ❤ ❤ Did I mention ❤ ❤ ❤ ?

Sesto: Anna Stephany

Wait, whatever happened to Lindsey? She’s not showing for the Proms either. It’ll have to do. I’m sure Stephany can sing it (in a pretty manner), not sure at all about her acting.


Date and time: 6pm GMT on 3 August, on the Glyndebourne page. In the event this isn’t working, try and look for Tito. If you miss it/can’t make it, come back to the page and watch if for 1 week after the broadcast date.

You can see it at the cinema on the same date.

The Proms date is still 28 August (7pm), which you will be able to listen to here.

Full cast as of now:

Vitellia Alice Coote
Sesto Anna Stéphany
Annio Michèle Losier / Rachel Kelly (19, 21 August)
Publio Clive Bayley
Tito Richard Croft
Servilia Joélle Harvey


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  1. spitfiretommy

    oh my Richard Croft!!!!!?!! v excited for you (and to watch the stream)
    Kate Lindsey is pregnant..

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  2. Thank you Dehggi! I booked it in my calendar. Richard Croft is fantastic, I heard him in Handel in Amsterdam, I loved him. Are you going to Glyndebourne? you have a ticket? It’s GREAT!

    Just one thing, it says it’s 6pm the 3rd of August, in the Glyndebourne page, not 6pm the 6th of August.

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    • Just one thing, it says it’s 6pm the 3rd of August, in the Glyndebourne page, not 6pm the 6th of August.

      you’re right! That’s what working nights and getting too excited about the tenor does to you 😀

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  3. Wait, Alice Coote is Vitellia? Well now THAT has to be interesting!

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  4. OOHH, I’ll make sure to catch the streaming!

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