Aaaahriodante: we came, we perved, we cornered Prina

😀 😀 😀 yes, that’s exactly what Anik and and I did tonight at the best Baroque venue in the world, aka Theater an der Wien (did I mention how in love I am with this venue? It’s been so good to me so far!). And there is pictorial evidence of Polinesso in our clutches, which I will post after a bit of doctoring to preserve Anik’s dignity.

In case you were wondering, the show per se was [ insert your superlative of choice here; hell, insert more than one ] too. Truly a wonderful night of opera and tandem perving 😉 (shoulders…! And Polinesso at work). There will also be civilised posts about this, fear not. Well, mostly civilised…

ps: I was in Vienna and it did not rain. Clearly I did something very, very special to deserve this mini holiday. Or I will have to pay dearly one day. But for everything to fall in place like this… aaaah. And to have someone likeminded to share it with 🙂 Belinda freakin Carlisle was right.

edit 14/05/17: there are surprisingly still tickets on sale for the Barbican show on Tuesday. If you’re in London do yourself a favour and book!

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  1. liiiiiiiike !!! will be lurking!

    • Well, I need some sleep but the whole story is funny in many ways (hint: upgrade from heaven 😉 ) and I can see myself telling it many times from now on, so I want to take my time. But maybe Anik won’t be able to sit on her hands too long 😉

      • jeah jeah, sleep, over rated! 😀
        i’m so happy to hear these reports! me suuuuper like! striking up convo with Prina! But i find her also very approachable and warm.!
        (i take it you were too much in a daze to ask for her entire next year schedule?? Agathe, it is up to you now to ask! or Dehggi, when you see her again at the Barbican! i’m sure she’d be thrilled to hear you see her twice!)

        • I told her I will see her on Tuesday 😀 she said “you’re a singer, right?” And I was like [ smooth ] “do I have to be a singer to like you?” The Barbican is no good for that kind of thing but I will try Wiggy in September. There is a very funny bit about just how we both (us fangirls, I mean, Prima was just amused) felt when… Well, you will have to tune in to my (our?) report for the story.

          • full of suspense! while i have to work the next 12 hours while you both sleep and dream well! 🙂
            you know, Ariodante is not exactly the opera where you go simply because of Polinesso.. but she completely changed my view.. and now, yes, i’m thinking about that Sep at Wiggy! (and there’s that Halle’s Händel Agathe mentioned in June..) In any case, sleep well, i’ll be having wonderful images in head of her lovely exchanges with you, as well as stage performance!

            [you’re smooth!]

            • Smoothness: I said I took notes during the webcast 😉 and I totally leered without shame! She smiled back so I’m all lalala, she smiled at me.

              I would love to see the Halle recital but it looks kind of a hard place to get to. Also Agathe needs her opportunity 😉 after tonight I can be generous.

    • … just casual lurking…

      • I had the hardest time falling asleep, you of all people should know what I mean by that. And I’m up already but I have to be careful and not miss my flight. I surprisingly made it home without one wrong turn last night but I was really grateful for the half an hour or so walk to clear my head a bit 🙂

        • u know 1 nite ago i had a dream we were both in vienna, but you to go meet up w Anik for Ariodande while I, for some stupid reason, only came to Vienna for some random thing and now heading back to the airport. I was beating myself up think what the hell were you thinking not looking at schedule when coming here and being so short sighted!. then thought since i already spent the 21 hr transatlatic flight it was time to call up the airline to delay my flight for 1 nite, at however expensive it is!! and woke up while looking for airline phone #…

          • You have the silliest dreams! Always topical. I don’t know how you do it. Incidentally, I also had a dream the night/morning before but I can’t talk about it here 😉 suffice to say it foretold it was going to be a special day.

            • haha, freudian dream 😉
              (don’t miss the flight! it’s expensive! but do write while in transit on the flight..)
              (jeah, normally i dream of missing a show i actually attend.. this is getting deep, sweating over a show 1 ocean away!)

  2. you cornered her, I was just the bumbling goalpost to left (not much dignity left, I am afraid). Amazing show, though, and Prina LEGIT makes people go weak in the knees when she walks past.

    Prina walks towards us as we stand chatting in front of the portal.
    me: “oh my. Oh. Dehggi, don’t pass out, don’t pass don’t, don’t pass out.”
    Dehggi: “Oh.”
    Prina walks past, we stare after her, ten seconds pass in silence.
    Dehggi (breathless): “Wow. I am actually weak in the knees.”
    Me(equally breathless): “Me too.”
    we hold onto the portal, grin stupidly, agree that this is sort of embarrassing, and keep on grinning stupidly regardless.
    Prina comes back.
    Dehggi: “I’m gonna say something.”
    Me: “No, we couldn’t possibly…”
    Dehggi: “She walks b TWICE? This is a sign of heaven!”

    • Yes, but had you not been there I would’ve long gone home 😀 sounds like teamwork to me. And, come on, TWICE??? When does that ever happen?!

      • in the typical crowd you both clearly stood out 😉 i am sure she thought oh how cool, young enthusiastics, let me walk past them once more to see if they wanted to chat up

        • haha, I’m sure that’s exactly what she thought! She was with a friend who was also a contralto, who immediately agreed to take the picture for us. Contraltos = ❤

        • Young enthusiastics, yeah, hello 40. Never too old to get starry-eyed over contraltos, though, it would seem.

          • We’re not 40 yet! A few more months, a few more contraltos 😉

            • now THERE’S a goal.
              (I am thinking about Halle, too. Probably can’t because of classes, but their Händelfestspiele are LOVELY. – It is actually fairly good to reach via Halle/Leipzig airport and also via Berlin (cheaper). The festival crowd is laid-back and personal and I probably could hook you up since I’ve got friends in town, one of whom has ties to the Handel society.)

      • True. Glitch in the Matrix just for the White Shirts. Or perhaps our swooning upset the space-time continumm.

  3. I love everything about this.

  4. OMG how did you bring up the courage to chat her up? I can’t say how much I was enjoying this post over breakfast (including built-in suspense line about the “hint from heaven”). And yes, your reply was very smooth 🙂 Don’t expect any “first hand” information from my side, at least not from Elbphilharmonie (it’s so posh, I guess it doesn’t even have an artists entrance, probably singers are brought in by helicopter or so).
    Halle, maybe, although, I would probably need your company to be up to it. But I agree, it is difficult to reach, BUT, a whole evening of Prina singing Händel, quite worth some effort.
    (Thinking about September as well).

    • I think I was on a roll yesterday. Or maybe that coffee at Cafe Drechsler was that good 😉 At Wiggy you would most likely have no problem, just ask thadieu.

  5. Now it is pouring (so much that my shoes soaked through from underneath on my way to the office this morning

  6. So Vienna must finally have caught up to your presence! 😉
    Have a safe journey home.

    • I think Vienna and I are a match made in heaven. I was thinking up a whole list of (opera related) good deeds I would do if I were independently wealthy enough to get a place here.

      • hey, if Brexit-Dystopia chased you out, Austria is a nice enough place (and more or less affordable thanks to decades of left governance). I really have to figure out whom to blackmail/beguile for tenure. sigh

        • Mohnstrudel ❤ (I bought 2 logs). Network, someone must know something and spill the info. Get that person drunk or show them a racy opera production relevant to their inclination (or both).

  7. only just caught up to your post link – LOL (also, true)

  8. i think you posted a comment somewhere about singing along with Lucarnio’s aria? coz i had a dream (again!) at the opera (with you, again!) and i was tapping feet and singing LOUD along with the tenor, and you were giving me this look, half what the hell? and half amused at my over-enthusiasm…

    • that look would be correct 😀 so last night gave you Ariodante dreams?

      I may have sung along! It’s catchy (that one aria he repeats through the night with different lyrics).

      • (no no, dream was before your Barbican night! i lost track of days. in dream i was repeating “poW POW POW” getting all excited about the instrument part of the aria… then looked around and realized it was Loud 😉 )

      • I find his arias quite distinct (forget about the lukewarm duet in the end), but Portillo’s voice is very smooth and maybe the overall approach was similar (or certain contralto had overlayered everything else).

        • hehe, I’m half facetious 😉 I’m usually not very inested in the tenor material.

          • Oh I like tenors, at least those of earlier repertoire, not so much the Verdi and later tenors and I mostly prefer them to baritones. But otherwise it seems we have quite similar taste, even in men (I think you mentioned Pisaroni and Gerhaher more than once, haha, and that’s already it for me reg. baritones)

            • Pisaroni and Gerhaher: more fodder for the fangirling 😉 I don’t dislike tenors per se, it’s just hello mezzos and contralto, goodbye tenors.

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