Giulio Cesare returns to Glyndebourne 2018

Glyndebourne 2013

Yes, the one we know and love, with Sarah Connolly, Patricia Bardon and Dumaux reprising their 2005 roles and Christie conducting. Now with Joelle Harvey as Cleopatra. Sounds like another picnic date to me 😀

We also get Saul (two Handels??) with Karina Gauvin among others and the first edition of the Singing Competition, with a Mozart theme.

Also in an attempt to get Leander into 20th century opera we have a revival of the 2014 production of Der Rosenkavalier with Kate Lindsey in the title role 😉

Glynderbourne 2018


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  1. I wish an English resident who’s in the know would do a little run down of possibilities for um foreigners–where to stay in Sussex within reasonable distance from Glyndebourne, the transit options etc etc. I’m seriously thinking of going.

  2. You hd me at “Connolly reprising Cesare”. WELL.

    • you should make the effort, so far it looks like it could be a really fun picnic 😀 and if it rains we can rent tables on the balcony (they’re not that expensive from what I remember).

      • let me win the lottery, and I’ll be there (after negotiations with the family). Once in my life, I want to be part of the picnic crowd on that lawn!

        • it’s not as bad as Salzburg 😉 now, though, they might try to cash in on this event but even so I don’t think Baroque singers will push the prices up like JK or AN would. ROH has absolutely nothing of interest during that time but Wiggy might.

  3. You can find info here on how to reach the festival:

    The only transportation the festival offers is a coach to Lewes train station, so you will have to stay either in Lewes, or in a place reachable from Lewes by train (like London). Check the train schedule and make sure you have a train to go home after the show:

    Otherwise, you can land in Gatwick and rent a car, and stay in one of the B&B in the area. If you google “sussex bed&breakfast” you will find a million of them.

    Good luck!

  4. i am also registering this in mind for going…

    • (but before all that isnt there a major wrestling date in march to even see if yoo can get a ticket?)

      • well, it’s a match, you’re right and Cesare might be a big draw, but we’ll make sure more of us get online at the same time or something 😉

    • it will be awesome to have a gang of Handel fans bloggers 😀 mega meetup. Party at my place 😉 if we can fit that many in my lounge 😀

      • rent a cabin in the woods 😉 (bring a contralto along)

      • ps i had a dream last nite informing you if you could add my name to theteam london lineup when fighting on phone for tix 😀

        • of course! If you guys – any of you out of towners – decide to come, we need to see how to best work this angle ahead of time, in case you need a UK address to get tickets (I will ask when we go this year what is the procedure, in case we can’t find it out online). There is no way for mere mortals to get on the friends list, I think there’s a waiting period of a few years or so. But something will be worked out, no doubt. We just need to know who’s coming probably by January.

          • you know in LA traffic is so bad people actually pay random strangers to sit in their car so that they can get into the carpool lane. Here we’ll have to hire a “on friends list but not interested in Händel or must have CT for Cesare” patron for a steep fee to get a tix

            • they’re all old and/or monied 😉 seriously, some of them look like they were childhood friends of Callas’ (or the Queen’s) 😉

              that traffic thing is mad. But I’m all for carpooling.

  5. Thanks so much Dehggial for looking into this. I know there’s a train from London that some people use, but if the last one is cancelled, you’re stuck in Glyndebourne or have to get a cab, if you can find it. So I thought staying somewhere around there would work better.

    • please see Giulia’s reply.

      Glyndebourne is very good and actually caters to the fans. The train they recommend getting is full of opera goers with their picnic baskets 😀 same on the way back.

      After the opera they bus you back for the 10:30pm train to London. There is no way of missing it, they coordinate opera time with the train and they give you plenty of time to use the bathrooms etc. before taking off.

      One year it was funny, as the opera goers where on one side of the tracks all dressed up and the clubbers were on the other side of the tracks, going back to Brighton, each making fun of the others 😉

      In short, if you are based in London, you need the midday (or 1ish) train from Victoria Station to Brighton (but you can take any train to Brighton (just make sure it stops in Lewes), it’s just the coaches will be there in Lewes for this specific train. The Glyndebourne link Giulia posted gives you the exact details. You can take a cab from Lewes station if needs be. It’s a 20min or so ride to the venue).

      The train takes about 40min to Lewes. Glyndebourne has coaches at Lewes station (right outside, impossible to miss) that bus the opera goers. With all the people in festive attire all you need is to follow the crowd of picnic baskets. They check your opera ticket and admit you on the bus that way. Same on the way back, no extra charge.

      on the bus the atmosphere is great, people often break into song (I joined in for a La ci darem la mano one year when I went with a bunch of people – it was immense fun! – we also upset some people (on the train) who weren’t interested in opera by being too boisterous 😉 ).

      the grounds are beautiful (pond with carp, sheep, lots of flowers, the meadows) and there’s the famous manor. The only downside might be rain but you’re still in those fun surroundings.

      • Tons of useful info on this thread, thanks all. I have intel from a South London friend that the Lewes B&Bs tend to be on the pricey side and that staying in London and catching the train to and from works better. So I’ll investigate where I might stay in Croydon or thereabouts. My sister and her husband live in Walthamstow but it’s way north and it would add an extra hour to and from so… might skip this time. I’ll see.

        Glynde doesn’t open online booking for some time yet, so we have time. It would be nice if some of us could meet if we’re there at the same time.

  6. I just want to add for those of you who are making up their minds. This is likely the very last time SC sings this role, and also the last time we’ll see a woman singing Cesare. Cesare is now by and large taken over by countertenors. It’s the butchest of the baroque castrato roles, and the mezzos have been edged out over the last decade. So this might be literally the last female mezzo in Cesare on a major stage (for a long while? forever? I’m not optimistic)

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