Lyrical waxing re: Teatro Regio staff, gelato, opera souvenirs etc.

a half decent curtain call picture from yours truly! I’m really happy with how the pipes came out… (Gandy’s arm, Cangemi, Cirillo, Galou, Dantone, Allemano, Mingardo, Mameli, Novaro, Tomasoni)

First: I added pictures to the initial Torino post 🙂

Second: there is a second Dario post on the way.

… but back to gelato. OMG. I’m not even an ice cream person (I haven’t had any since a bad accident involving an allergy to strawberries or strawberry flavour (they aren’t real, are they?) back in the ’90s). Over the weekend I sampled about half the flavours on offer in Torino. You hear this from people who go to Italy and you kind of roll your eyes but it’s true1. Contraltos with and gelato = stuff of legend. We took no pictures as neither of us wanted to chance it when holding an ice cream cone, especially one with two delicious flavours – a true Io t’abraccio of tastes.

… but it was just like that

Aside from gelato (and contraltos2), the staff at Teatro Regio Torino – at least this past weekend ones – are darlings. Maybe the weekend crowd is easy but this is how ushering should be run: helping instead of policing you around. They helped with everything from printing out tickets (yours truly has obviously never gone through the click to print stage before) to showing us to our box (us = contralto fans in the woods) and finally, hooking us up with production posters for that unforgettable feel ❤

btw, Teatro Regio does not seem to have an actual shop. They sell programmes and… tickets. There are magnets with the Shroud and Pope Francis (sometimes together) around town, loads with the Mole (which is cool all right) but none with the opera house! There is one post card where you can see its corner, though, so I promptly got that one for mum. As for magnets, I bought one with hieroglyphs instead (no visit to Museo Egizio as the opera timing (3-6pm) overlapped with opening hours (you can’t get yours truly out of the house before noon; not on holiday)).

But before you think we only ate ice cream, we also had pizza, and about this you can hear further lyrical waxing from thadieu.

proof we had clean operatic fun (also how lightweight we are, we need to share thin crust pizza…); that basil and mozzarella was fresh!

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Torino was the place where mezzo Jennifer Rivera survived on gelato alone for 2 months and got acquainted with all the local banks before being able to pick up her paycheck. So when our host replied “it’s complicated” to my seemingly simple question “can you direct me to a mailbox in which I can drop my post card?” I had to just leave it at that, as much as I really wanted to hear the whole complicated story. It’s a mailbox, right? Well, remember about the deserted train station? But back to gelato: I could see myself feeding on it for the foreseeable future. 
  2. I hear there were also other voice types in this production but I’ve yet to remember anything about that 😉 (half) kidding. 

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  1. thinking about the pizza in a random hotel in chicago now…, that and the super tasty limonata!

  2. Mouth watering… I should go and have some lunch.

    • it was soooo goood. here i am 1st day back in america and already the first sandwich was full of grease… and i realized the entire trip i was without grease!
      (now freshly at the airport again, with all the people who missed their various connections last nite, with Alinda’s aria in head! she was also quite memorable… )

  3. i can taste the pizza still.. ahhhh what a dream meal 🙂

  4. i finally unwrapped the goodie, not a single dent! weeee

  5. you know i haven’t had pizza or ice cream since getting back from Turin..

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