Semiramide, Penelope and Salome in the not so distant future

I guess everybody knows by now that JDD had to pull out of the European dates of the Ariodante tour. But there will be plenty of JDD in London later this year, as Semiramide is finally taking place this November at ROH and she has two dates and a Masterclass scheduled at Wiggy at the end of that production.

ROH returns to the Roundhouse for Il ritorno d’Ulisse (Christine Rice as Penelope) next January, which gives yours truly hope that in a year or two we’ll see a Poppea at the Roundhouse as well 😉 you never know. The news about this Ulisse has somehow bypassed me thus far so it was very welcome today.

January is for once busy, as Salome is about as well. Can’t say I’m the biggest Byström fan, but Michaela Schuster is Herodias. Now that I’m older and wiser I’d really like to see her again in Die Frau ohne Schatten. But I suppose she can do ornery as well 😉


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  1. i’m eyeing that Ulisse! though i’m not too optimistic about seeing Christine Rice as Nerone due to recent casting tilt… so they’ll likely put her for Ottavia or whatever and bring in some guy with “proper male body” for the other roles…

  2. Hey, I looked up the ROH Semiramide and it seems from the length of performance that it is not further cut after all, so the same version as in Munich (which did cut an Idreno aria, bad enough because Brownlee is fabulous).

    • I am looking forward to hearing Brownlee live, as much as he has to sing (can’t for the life of me think of any of Idreno’s arias… not with two mezzos in the mix 😉 ).

  3. (i’m checking flight tix price in the case VK stepped in…)

      • (Ariodante , u know, a (WS) girl can dream..)

        • ha, would be nice. Any VK would be nice, I miss her.

          • (AC is recovering from something.. and the WS crowd is worried they’re gonna cast a damnation (otherwise known as CT..) for the role..)

            • Don’t mezzos pass each other these roles? Far as I know Bicket has been mezzo-friendly.

              • yeah, they now have each other’s cell-phone number memorized, have to be quick, before the job is taken due to leakage…

              • was just told Bicket has casted a CT for a future Rinaldo in 2018.. so much for mezzo-friendly. i really think if any mezzo is ever sick for her run the CTs would be flooding in…

                • yea, it’s the Barbican one. He is mezzo friendly, though, he conducted the Alcina with 3 mezzos 😀

                  • (and the current one with a mezzo and a contralto 🙂 . i listened the other night to A.Coote’s Nerone and i really like her phrasing. For some reason i identify more with her singing that with S.Connolly.. i think it must have been the heft of the voice.. same way i identify with ACA and MP voices. In any case, you’re getting ready for 2 Ariodante!)

                    • I love her Nerone and that production in general 😀 she’s more fiery than Connolly, SC is super typical British, AC not quite so much. Yes, the heft is nice as well.

                      you know, WP is being annoying. It didn’t actually flag your posts (orange dot), I only realised you posted seeing I had comments on the stats page).

                      with that downloader, I suppose I need the converter too? Because it tells me it’s a “part file” even if I let it play until the end (which I did last night! Great show even on second viewing).

                    • (before my bed time.. no, you’re not supposed to need any converter. it should jus take it as is. when it says “part”, it means it was in the middle of downloading… but there can be time when the downloader got stuck. It is completely independent of whether you play the video fully or not. What matters i think is that you have to start playing just so the program can sniff a bit for what videos are avail. sort of the same way you download tube video w/o needing real-time watching… but no worries, i can share with you my version.. but i might have to split the file coz it’s pretty big 5gb and i don’t have that much room in db. or since you’re going to wien.. you can bring your 8gb stick along if you have and just ask Anik for the copy 🙂 ).

                      WP has been doing a lot of annoying things lately, demanding more and more storage on computer.. and messing around w/ flash blah blah. there was nearly a full day on sunday where i couldn’t see anything in reader mode on the computer! but could see ok on tiny puny phone..

                      and jeah, i like A.Coote’s take and singing a lot. i had a hard time handeling DeNese’s sort of singing though, grrr :-).

                    • thanks! don’t worry, it’s no rush, I can fiddle with it later, the file will be up for a while. I’ll let you know if I simply can’t figure it out.

                      DeNiese is more for eyecandy 😉

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