ROH’s Summer Season 2017 went on sale on Tuesday…

… and yours truly was sleeping. Quite. I realised just as I was about to get dressed to go out today yesterday and was thinking about Bejun Mehta. The good news is there were still affordable tickets to the old Mitridate production and to the JPYA show. The bad news is all the Kaufmann Otello tickets were gone. ALL. Like, boohoo.

Ok, boohoo is a bit of an exaggeration 😉 but they were all gone, not just the cheap ones. So were most of the second cast tickets. If you remember Roschmann is singing Desdemona with Kunde et Co. I managed to find a £68 ticket on the last night but then I thought £68 for an opera I don’t like where the soprano has 1 sorta aria in act 7? So my act of generosity today was to leave that £68 ticket to somebody who actually likes late Verdi.

Instead I bought a ticket to this interesting looking thing, Woman at Point Zero, because without Otello I had some change burning in my pocket and it’s good to put that towards broadening the horizons.

ps: if you’re wondering where are the writeups to the last few Handels I saw – they are coming! Stuck on the slow train, but they’re on their way.


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  1. This is a good a place as any to say hi – I’ve been reading for a while, I always enjoy your posts but never commented before. I wanted to say thanks for your post back in the fall about the Juditha Triumphans with Galou et. all. It inspired me to go when it came to Carnegie Hall last month, despite the need to sit for a long time on a bus to get to NYC (and sleep on the overnight bus on the way home). 100% worth it, A+, would do again, Interestingly the cast was slightly different, with Galou singing Juditha this time. Mary-Ellen Nesi was Holofernes.

    I am sad for you that you missed some of the tickets you wanted! That is always disappointing. Maybe it will turn out to be serendipitous and Woman at Point Zero will be amazing.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for joining the comment section 😀

      I’m very glad you had such a good time at Juditha! It’s such a fine work and with that cast! Worth throwing “!!!” around. I believe Nesi is a very good Holofernes as well, though I don’t think I ever heard Galou sing the title role.

      No worries about some lost opportunities, it’s not like I’m starved for music 😉 I do appreciate some mediterranean music so I’m curious about this performance.

      • Thanks for the welcome!

        I thought Galou was great as Juditha, although I would also love to hear/see her live as Holofernes, which is a bit more lively as a role. From what I have seen on Youtube etc. she is a decent actress. Juditha has gorgeous music but as a personality she’s a little bland. Nesi was great. She had some fun with the drinking bit, I remember there was a wine glass or something for a prop.

        If you are a user of Facebook, Galou posted a rehearsal clip with part of “Veni, veni, me sequere fida” on her fan page there. I checked and it’s still there, you have to scroll a bit to get back to Feb 7.

        • Juditha the character is a proper sanctimonious bore 😉 thanks for the update. I’m actually not on FB, is Galou’s page not free?

          • Smart – I try to minimize my use of it and even then, it is a time suck. I think this link works even when not logged in:

            You may have to click “No” to an obnoxious message asking you to log in.

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