Glyndebourne 2017 loot

Glyndebourne 2013

Glyndebourne 2013

Given that I haven’t been to Glyndebourne in a few years, I don’t know if this general booking system is new or not. In any case, you apparently can’t sneak in before the appointed time. Though I got in 14secs after 6pm, I was #622 in the queue. Luckily I was tag-teaming with Baroque Bird, who was in the 300s already. So Team London will be there for La clemenza di Tito on 31 July (Glyndebourne will broadcast the 3 August performance) and yours truly will see a couple more shows (Hipermestra and Hamlet in June plus another go at Tito in August). Let’s hope for clement weather 🙂

edit: we now have Annio (Anna Stéphany) and Publio (Clive Bayley). Interesting that Stéphany is Annio, seeing as how she’s already sung Sesto. But I do rather see her as Annio. You may remember I saw Bayley as Aye in Akhnaten last year and when I say saw I mean it. It’s going to be nice actually hearing him 😉


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  1. Good scores! Looking forward to the reports 🙂

  2. i was describing to my sister the difference between opera culture in the US and europe, using this as an example: in Europe on tix sale opening day people are hoveringon the phone/ internet fighting for tix (i still remember the day i was fighting for La Forza). in the US ACA is singing in the intimate 300-seat hall and you can still get tix 1hr before the show…

  3. (am searching for something else, but quite nice to see the loot again now 🙂 )

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