Belcanto Tito – a bit of update

See post La clemenza di Tito (De Marchi)

What the title says. This morning I found some time to write on a few arias/ensembles from act II. Sorry I’ve written so haltingly about this interesting take on Mozart’s Tito as well as for the blog being very quiet, but February has been busy at the currently relocating casa de dehggi. I really wish I were writing rather than packing my belongings and having to decide on which crap I haven’t used in ages I can/can’t part with!


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Mozart/Baroque loving red dragon

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  1. how did the packing go? are you in the woods? i had a dream you were 😉

  2. moving is HARD. i hope you’re not too exhausted. 🙂

    • Distracted is more like it! I was lucky to have very good help with the actual move 🙂 Now it’s the fun of unpacking. I got reacquainted with all the stuff I’ve hoarded over the past 10 years 😉

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