Vivaldi, Darius and the Shroud of Turin

It’s official, thadieu and I have our tickets for the very silly L’incoronazione di Dario at Torino’s Teatro Regio, where we’ll see this badarse cast under Dantone’s (who else? He loves this one) baton:

Dario, che viene incoronato re dei persiani tenore Carlo Allemano
Statira, principessa semplice, primogenita
di Ciro contralto

Sara Mingardo
Argene, sorella minore di Statira contralto Delphine Galou
Niceno, filosofo baritono Riccardo Novaro
Alinda, principessa di Media, amante
di Oronte soprano

Roberta Mameli
Oronte, nobile perfetto, pretendente
di Statira mezzosoprano

Lucia Cirillo
Arpago, pretendente di Statira soprano Veronica Cangemi
Flora, damigella di corte, confidente delle due
principesse contralto

Romina Tomasoni
Ombra di Ciro tenore Cullen Gandy

So we know the contraltos but what of the baritone? He was also in the original recording as well as at Festival de Beaune:

And here’s Sr Novaro singing not Vivaldi but spinning rather well on that horse statue:

Whilst scratching my no so cosmopolitan head regarding things to do in Torino other than watching contraltos and friends, a buddy reminded me of the famous shroud.

Jesus in the shroud, posing suspiciously like a medieval knight would

Why of course! Who wouldn’t want to see that? Except, upon investigation, it turns out that it’s not that often on display. 9/10 times you’re likely to see a copy. Which means you see a copy of a… fantasy. About right for the post truth era 😉 Though we hope all the above musicians show up in old skool real fashion.

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  1. you lucky two, you!

  2. Wasn’t Carlo Allemano the guy who sang Ariodate is the Cavalli Xerse we saw in Vienna, the one who had the incredible voice? And really cool Persian style hair? Ah, this is going to be good. I got the recording a couple of Christmases ago and it’s very good. If the set didn’t look quite so… odd… I’d be itching to join you as this hardly ever seems to be staged… Have an amazing time!

    (The Galleria Sabauda is meant to be very good as well although I’ve never been, and I think Turin has one of the best collections of ancient Egyptian material in the world, if that’s your thing, although I don’t know the name of the museum).

    • oh, yes, I saw there was an Egyptian Art Museum.

      I think it’s the same Allemano, we’ll see 😉

      thanks for the recommendation, we’ll be there for three days so we should be able to see a couple of things.

      think again about it, you might want to join anyway 😉 (Vivaldi!)

  3. When are you going??? I am also getting tickets for that!

  4. Ah that’s too bad! I’ll go either 13 or 14 (or both). We’ll share impressions!

  5. that 2nd clip costume is pretty serious! (i actually watched the entire thing, R.Invenizzi kicks ass!)
    (oh, this aria Novaro sings in Rinaldo is the same one (music) in Aci Galatae e Polifermo)

  6. i just saw a clip, they’re bringing in a karate team for that sword fighting scene, i’ll be squealing…
    also, i saw they have english surtitle.

    • but the lyrics are flowers and birds for Statira and “I want him to be mine” for Argene 😉

      yay for the karate team. I actually didn’t realise there was a need for a fight scene so I was a bit confused when I saw all the moves.

      • that has to do with the 2 other trouser-role ones: mezzo (Oronto = L.Cirillo) , soprano (Apagio = V.Cangemi) , both wanting to marry Statira 😉 . But Oronto had an ex (Alinda = R.Mameli) who chased after to try to snatch him back. I tell you, i’m studying now, following Anik’s detailed liner-note. Was very fun to follow the note while listening to it live.

  7. also, on all those picture labels, i’m pretty sure i can distinguish Lucia Cirillo and Veronica Cangemi.. but they kept swapping these 2 singers around in pix caption. Also, we know Alinda wants to be with Oronte, hence it has to be Mameli (our Dalinda in that Bucharest Ariodante, or Nerone in that Poppea from.. somewhere on tube) and Cirillo (Paciere in that Il Trionfo from Scala last year with Mingardo that we caught on radio).

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