Elizabeth Watts’ funny reccount of learning Ligeti

absurd panoply of foul-mouthed tenors, dominatrix mezzos, hell-raising basses and weak countertenor politicians

I’m on board with Ligeti 😉 but yea, Le grand macabre is a bit of a headache for the listener and apparently even more for the performer. Funny soprano Watts makes it all sound… well, not exactly easy but crackable. Yours truly considered attending one of the two Barbican dates but ended up prefering to read the story on account of one contemporary opera per month being about enough of a self-challenge.

ps: three Guardian references in one week? – well, yes, sometimes there are good articles on opera in the Guardian.

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  1. there should be so much more writing like hers so we can gain insights into how they navigate these new things! i also recalled ACA once mentioned how it was so difficult for her to learn “la voix humaine”.

  2. The opera is awesome and eminently listenable. Can you tell me what rendition of Le Grand Macabre that is in the photo? Where can I watch that?

    • honestly I don’t know and whilst I would say I just looked up images related to Le grand macabre on google, I’m not sure I didn’t have a precise source at the time.

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