Howdy neighbours and Happy Christmas!

shop window in Paris (Place des Vosges, I think), December 2016

It’s been a tough year, yes, but there’s a time for everything and now it’s time for Happy Holidays to all! I was debating putting up another traditional carol then I decided it was only right to share with you, dear reader, a bit of holiday cheer, since joy has been in short supply this year.

The blog is a place I come to for positivity so I wanted to return that warmth and goodwill to all of you who have read, commented/conversed, liked or inspired me with your own posts, as well as to those of you with whom I shared those special inner places which are live performances here in London or in Vienna and Paris 🙂

This year’s trad carol is called Linu-i lin (Gently) and is my second favourite these days. As in the case of all traditional songs, different regions put different lyrics to the same tune. This, the version from my county, talks about visiting neighbours over the holiday season rather than about Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary hanging out up in Heaven (that version is called Sus, la poarta raiului (At heaven’s gate)).

Just ignore the cheesy ’80s production 😉 It’s hard to get carol versions which don’t sound 1) too classical, 2) too cheesy or 3) too earnest (this choral arrangement impressively manages to tick all three 😀 it’s worth checking out just for the costumes, seemingly combining Sugar Plum Fairy and Swiss Guard aesthetics; also wowza at the trendy dude’s hair at 1:31; and a last one strictly for hardcore mezzo lovers -> I found a Kate Lindsey lookalike at 1:35 in yet another choral arrangement).

Hope it/one of them will make you smile.

PS: I know there are some loose ends (I do intend to finish that Aix Tito! soonish…), among which is a shambolic Finta giardiniera post which got pushed back for almost a month now because getting to the venue turned into an adventure madder than its Act II finale. Or so it felt at the time, you might end up thinking …eh? To that I’d say lucky you weren’t there!

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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    Happy Christmas to you, too!!

  2. Sugar Plum Fairy Swiss Guard…. 😀 Amazing!
    Thank your for the cheer, and for another year of blogging and envying your Wigmore outings (among others…). Battle on, Lego Valkyrie!

  3. A belatedly very Merry Christmas, Dehgg, and sending you lots of happy vibes for 2017. Looking forward to many more theatrical adventures in the New Year and thanks is so much for being such a vibrant and enthusiastic opera buddy! x

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