3 years later (opera, innit? is 3)

the cake of Roman goodness returns

the cake of Roman goodness returns

On 15 October, opera, innit? turned 3 years old. I actually forgot about it (this time of the year is always busy) until I read the WP congrats, by which time I was so tired, I was falling asleep in my cornflakes (it was way past the bedtime of a healthy 3 year old). It feels like I’ve been doing this since forever! When I started I didn’t have any plans beyond writing when I felt like, about what I felt like, for as long as I would feel like. 482 published posts later, I’d say the feeling has been rather intense 😉

The blog has brought about many fun unexpected adventures, so this year I thought I’d leave you all (who read, comment and have shared said adventures virtually or in real life) with Mozart’s little ode to friendship – which gives me the opportunity to combine Tito, mezzos and the memories of all those good times 😀

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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    Happy Birthday! I am so glad you feel like writing about stuff–especially Tito and company!!

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  2. Happy Blog-Birthday Dehgg! It’s always great fun following the blog and even more fun bumping into you at our regular Baroque haunts. Looking forward to many more years of cartoon summaries, Lego references and breathless rants about mezzos – and maybe even some more European adventures together? x

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    • Thank you! Great reading your blog as well (I really liked the Chinese adventures recnetly) and I certainly hope more Euro adventures will be happening in the future. Perhaps that Wiesbaden thing will work out?


  3. only three years? already tree years?
    Either way, it is great to have your voice in the White Shirt blogging chorus, that has lost a few dear voices and has seen others move onto the fancy ‘gram world of the youngsters that does not make do with a lot of words. And I so enjoy words! Also, yours.

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    • Thanks, A 🙂 I like words too, hence why I’m parked here. I think opera is the most word-happy art form, even more so than poetry, since it not only says the words out loud once, but three or four times (with trills) 😀

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  4. congrats, congrats! i remember learning about your blog via Smorgie, and then casually sending off a random email during my first ever London visit :-). yes, to the wealth of posts on all these performances in London and beyond, making me turning very green in envy.. Some of those posts indeed sending my spiraling down to certain obsession paths. (I can still recall reading up your post on L’Incoronazione di Poppea and having no clue yet about any of Monteverdi’s work and thinking oh this is a good start to read up the synopsis..)
    A toast (of ginger tea) to the cake and more blogging in the 4th year and beyond!

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    • toasts back I was stunned when you emailed me that time! (a real blogger wants to meet in real life!) Well, you know the green with envy thing works both ways 😉 There are some things you’ve seen that I sobbed into the cornflakes over… but at least you’ve blogged about them in detail so us readers could feel a little bit like you did.

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  5. Congratulations, dehggial! I applaud three years of Titocentricity (hey, for some reason WP thinks that’s not a word!) and look forward to many more 🙂

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