And the best aria title goes to:

That type of cane shaking goes back to the 1600s? Haha. Probably beyond. But upon further investigation it’s just another Early Baroque nurse being cheeky (I have it on good authority that nurses are still cheeky, foul mouthed and) poking fun at young people nowadays:

Questi giovani moderni giocan sempre ad ingannar.
I lor vezzi sono scherni, che fan l’alme sospirar.
Questi giovani moderni giocan sempre ad ingannar.
Paion tanti Endimioni le zitelle in lusingar.
Ma se v’è, ch’il cor li doni, è una luna a vaneggiar.
Questi giovani moderni giocan sempre ad ingannar.

I think this silliness is a good end to a week of solid contralto/mezzo worship 😀 I should mention that today I put aside 3hrs of my time for L’incoronazione di Dario so you know I’ve been most serious about mezzo/contralto rituals. If there was a god and that god was a low tessitura female singer1, I’d’have payed for a lot of sins this week…

PS: how good does this stuff fit DG’s voice? I’d fall in love with it… if I weren’t besotted already…

  1. The thought alone is making me feel pious… 

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  1. super like, the Dario dedicated time!!

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