The 225th La clemenza di Tito Day

Tito relaxes after a long day of scoffing at foiled assassination plots

This year for Tito Day I’d like to steer you, gentle reader, towards someone else’s writings/experiences.

Have you ever wondered how it is to sing Sesto?

I mean the whole exprience of it, not just picking up the score and trying to hit the notes whilst also interacting with a bunch of other costumed people on stage. Some of you have probably read this account as it’s old (by blogger standards) enough to have achieved cult status but it’s still as entertaining as ever. We Titoheads are extremely lucky to have someone with first hand experience detail the process in such a hilarious manner.

Without further ado, head over to sestissimo1 and scroll, for a month long account of the glamourous fabulous life of the contemporary opera singer during a production2 of La clemenza di Tito.

  1. Yes, it’s mezzo Jennifer Rivera’s old blog. I think she migrated it to her main site but I liked the vintage air and the fact that it’s so Sestoriented. 
  2. If you want to know the audience’s opinion of the (rather handsome) Graham Vick 2008 Torino production of Tito she’s talking about, check out this account. You can also watch the 30min Prima della Prima documentary of this production on ‘zetube. 

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