“An artist enters and is” (Master Class the play, and maybe, the film)

You probably know HBO is making – has made? or has the FF Jenkins film replaced that project? <-probably more MS’s ballpark, really – this film with Meryl Streep as Maria Callas. Footage of Callas doing the Julliard Masterclass that inspired the play is on zetube for your pleasure1 (annoyingly, the sound is way low and a bit warped on Callas’ side).

I personally am sick about the way MS seems to have cornered every mature woman role of late. Tyne Daly in the stage play seems as fine as anything to me, plus she doesn’t have MS’ annoying mannerisms and pinched face (hey, if this ever gets made she too might be fitted with a prosthetic nose!). I bet you she’s going to bring her magnifying glass and try and cross all Callas’ ts and dot all the is and make her funny. Callas had her sense of humour (it comes through in the interviews) but rather than Nathalie Dessay-funny she was humourous in the way the statue of a goddess (as opposed to a cherub) would be. She was, it’s true, very calcultated, which might be the attraction for MS, but way grander than MS can hope to reach. Who was it who said (Zeffirelli?) that he never believed Caballe’s Norma could kill her children but he was sure Callas’ could?

One more good quip about singing opera – perhaps my favourite ever2 – from JDD, the endless fountain of such:

  1. I linked O quante volte… because I know it very well and she’s spot on in her comments but there’s loads more. 
  2. As a member of the audience I give it 1 million likes. 

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