2017: Tito year

After a couple of years of relative absence, Tito will receive two new major productions in 2017 – Glyndebourne and Salzburg. This new Salzburg production will be directed by Peter Sellars. Judging by Sellars’ recent focus, I’m guessing it’ll be all about Vitellia’s feminist plight and the patriarchal hypocrisy of Tito. Curentzis sinks his teeth into another Mozart opera. I’m not sure what I think about that.

Well, what can I say? I can’t afford Salzburg but I’m curious how this new incarnation will work and how those who will star will fare.

thanks again to giulia for tipping me off 🙂

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  1. …I’ll take Sellars trying out feminism over Anna N. trying out Aida (though, heyy, Muti – but why go to Salzburg if I have Muti with Caballé on the shelf?)– not that Amneris is bad mezzo lore, but she’s missing the pants. (I’ll try to see if the standing room mafia has any intel on casting yet)

    • cheers 🙂 Aida has so far eluded me but it might be because I started with that Bregenz production with Kate Aldrich. AN should please stay in Verdi and forget all about belcanto (luckily she’s never – to my knowledge – tried Baroque). Now that you’re pointing out the lack of pants (haha) it would have been interesting if Amneris was interested in Aida rather than Radames.

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