Every Europop song craves a “Baroque” remake (Barok rumuński)

Blame the heat (32C!!!! Not a cloud on the horizon! In London!!!1) for what you are about to experience below…

You know how every once in a while even the most hardcore Baroque lover can’t block out the harsher, ever so vulgar (deep sigh) sounds of the world around? It usually happens to me at work or in the pub or – the most dreaded of all – in a shop. You try to make your way around the aisles with maximum velocity so as to avoid any unnecessary time spent in the company of the ubiquitous tantrum-driven sprog or perplexed shoppers blocking your exit (stop gazing lovingly at it and pick up the damn toilet paper value pack!) when you suddenly realise the management has decided to get down with kids.


I have blocked out of memory the entire period when Rihanna’s The Light was on 234756 times a day. Same deal with that time between 2008 and 2009 when everybody’s Sex was on Fire. The good news is that after 35 new music just stops registering 😉 So although I have been exposed to it on several occasions, anything by Taylor Swift has blissfully flown over my head.

But one day you perk up. Could it be? The music of the spheres is blaring out of a flat screen TV. Is that reverse cross-over (over-cross?) I hear?

I don’t know if you people of fine taste are acquainted with dancefloor Eurogems such as the Numa numa song. It was a major hit across Europe in 2004, as ubiquitous as the tantrum-y child and the perplexed shopper. They liked it so much in Poland, Filharmonia Dowcipu, a musical comedy act, saw right through the baroqueness of it all (Pachelbel should sue). Though this might just not be “the orginal version”, it certainly is the ultimate version:

😀 I just love how the singing is anything but Baroque yet wins by being gleefully ridiculous. The sopranos’ entrances are pure gold, though the choreography gives it a run for its money. I also love that someone needs to conduct, just in case the orchestra runs into a snag on the complicated score 😉

  1. Only last week I was starting to reconsider finally changing to the summer duvet. Now it’s like duvet? get it away from meeee! But it’s ok, one week and it’s gone. Except I’d really like it to stay. I love hot weather :-D 

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  1. GOD now I’ve got this stuck in head again. Makes me feel slightly better about 2004, though. 😉


  2. this is still on my to-listen-to list…


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