Vitellia of the future?

Every once in a while a singer in a masterclass shows amazing promise. You know I don’t easily throw comments like the title around, but I would really love it if this youg singer makes it and we get to hear her sing Vitellia on stage. She already has the right attitude and knows what there is to know about Vitellia plus her tessitura covers everything (in this aria) and her tone is very appealing. Life and stage experience will add richness to that. I have a feeling she’ll be riveting 😀

The video below is also highly reccomended for its very insightful/advanced discussion on Ecco il punto…/Non piu di fiori:


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  1. this is an interesting aria, in that i’ve heard it twice (in 2 live clemenza di Tito) and both times Vitellia came across with such conviction i was very impressed (while Sesto in these are like the most difficult role to sing it seems…) and it’s got this downward clarinet tune that inevitably you end up humming on your way home!

    • yes, I think this is perhaps the easier aria to pull off (emotionally) out of the 2 Vitellia arias. Now, of course, it’s not easy to be great in it, but it’s easier to be good enough.

      Sesto shouldn’t be so difficult if the ladies or gents had a good idea about him (or maybe I thought about him so much it doesn’t seem a big deal to me 😉 ).

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