Had someone told this “migrant” to go back where he was from…

… we wouldn’t have this:

So how about we don’t start down that path 300 years later?

Now that my sense of humour has recovered quite a bit, let’s at least help keep London where it belongs:


click to sign the petition! Anyone can, whether you’re a Londoner or you just like London/Londoners and want to make them smile a little in this time of confusion.


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  1. And also, if you are a British citizen, please, please, please sign this petition to encourage the government to give us a second referendum – so that all those who couldn’t be bothered to vote, or voted Leave believing it was a protest vote and that Remain was a dead cert, or voted Leave and are now realising they have been comprehensively lied to by Farage and Johnson, can make amends:


    I am so furious about this in so many ways, Dehgg. Rest assured that we DO love our European friends, especially here in London, and we’ll all be fighting tooth and nail to get out of the bind we’re in… 😞

    • cheers, L! It’s good to remember that we have things in common that are more important than which meridian each of us was born next to.

      I know why this happened and there are reasons why people feel not listened to (hell, I don’t think I’ve ever quite felt like any of the parties represented me and I’ve lived for close to a decade each in 3 countries; a rethinking of the electoral system and of politics in general is in dire need of revision) but, my god, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face… it’s still the establishment who wins but now the country is openly divided.

      • I should add that I do understand the point that democracy has spoken. Completely. My concern is that it has spoken after having been mislead by promises which have now turned out not to be true. I don’t want anyone to accuse me of seeking to overturn democracy sighs – that’s not what I’m about.

        The whole thing is just an utter, utter mess. Whatever happens, I just hope we can get it straightened out and heal some of that horrible divide you mention.

        • About democracy, there seems to be confusion about whether or not the referendum is binding?

          Also I think the whole democracy idea needs some rethinking. The provinces everywhere have a different mentality than the big cities (US the classic shining example until yesterday) so maybe the divide needs to be taken into account practically speaking. In this case I imagine the healing will take ages.

          But, anyway, I don’t think I’m eloquent enough to solve all the wrongs with democracy 😉 just saying, remembering similar dislike and vitriol from their own “provinces” towards cities like NYC or San Francisco.

          That’s the sad joke, isn’t it, that the cynical politicians who have built their credit on division and xenophobia/racism are the most likely in line to “solve” the mess.

    • I’m simply amazed to read the reactions of those who voted without actually realizing what they voted for.. and now said if they had understood the consequence they would have voted differently.. (but who am i talking to.. we have equally a scary election coming up in a few months here… i better make sure i register to vote..)

      • the whole thing was a big con by, frankly, some dimwitted 3rd rate politicians. Which is why there is a shouting match on newspaper comment sections between leavers and remainers, with remainers calling leavers stupid 😉 if the shoe fits…

        I have to say, there are some really shitty politicians in very important positions these days – France is in shambles, Austria had a lucky miss, the UK is in a different kind of shambles and who knows what’s going to happen in your election. Plus whatever happens in Spain next week – second general election in 6 months!

      • It is ridiculous, isn’t it? Perhaps something good will come of all this mess, in that we can act as a warning to any other country involved in big elections. 😉 But, dear God, I’m worried about the outcome of yours as well!

  2. thought i also check in on how you are doing 🙂

    • I was morose the day before but back to my flippant self yesterday and today 😉 Scotland is always an option if things really go tits up, though the confusion is high these days from YAY! and OMG, what’s happening?! to It’s ok, the referendum is non-binding, keep calm and carry on 😉 I figure with the money that won’t go into Eurotravel (flights might go up) I can pay for German/French/Italian/Spanish/other lessons 😀

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