Singers and bad timing

Very high countertenors (sopranistas? is there a difference?) are not usually my thing, but this one won me over with his tenderly beautiful lyric tone. I ran into him only because I wanted to hear some more Jommelli and I randomly clicked on this:

The screechy leggiero soprano has the kind of voice that makes me stuff cottonballs in my ears and run for the hills (I guess it was hard to find a soprano with a higher and lighter voice than his) but the contrast between the two made a perfect showcase for his voice, so I clicked on the solo aria, for clarification. He convinced me.

The comment below the video of Cara, deh serbami brought on the interesting subject of timing and/or luck. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this: how many great singers that never were are there somewhere? This one at least has had a career but surely not a super bright one, or I’d have heard of him by now? Maybe it’s just me, but judging by the comment it seems that indeed he was born too early. These days he’d be singing in every important Baroque venue.


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  1. definitely a case of “born too early” – there are several, especially sopranistas (some trained to adapt to mezzo range), an we’re only now starting to explore that kind of seicento repertory (of course, you won’t hear protests from me if casting female sopranos there, too…). Hopefully a trend that will catch on permanently.


    • I just sat there for a while just getting a sense of his voice, very interesting since I don’t often hear this. Reminds me of Vince Yi but not fruity/cute. We have a couple of local sopranos who can cover this territory (chief among them being Erica Eloff, who An missed but I think the both of you would like her). Incidentally I also really enjoyed Cencic in this Gluck trio, which is not something that happens to me every day… must be the recent hot temperatures 😉


      • i’m lurking… since yesterday.. but resisting listening to the very high voice CT… 🙂 may be i’ll dig up some anti-resistance (you know, there’s anti-persprirent spray, there should be something similar for my case, anti-resistant-CT pill)…
        Erica Eloff? i’ll search her out if you mentioned I (and Anik) might like her, surely you might have been eavesdropping on our conversation 😀

        (And i’m still thinking about my last trip to London.. because I’ve just 2 days ago listened to the entire Ariodante puppet show again.. and remember how much i liked the repeated session at Britten theater..)

        (and more unrelated stuff: I just saw the program for N.Stutzmann’s concert on 2/jul: she’s singing Vagaus’ murderous aria!! — ohhhhh, no no, i think i was very wrong, she’s singing Juditha’s aria “Agitata infido flatu”, phew, that’s better. And in her conversation to WETA she said “there’s not enough contralto in the world” , and therefore they support each other and “share” their rep (instead of fighting 🙂 ). sooo wish i could have seen this, but no chance, will be on way to ship…)


  2. Belatedly, this guy is good. I bought the entire recording of Jommelli’s Vologeso based on my interest in his voice. I don’t think he’s the best I’ve ever heard, but he’s seriously good. He did a lot of stuff around 2000 (indeed, I see he did a recording of J.C. Bach’s “Clemenza di Scipione”, which I need to buy!) but has rather fallen off the radar since. If he were ten or fifteen years younger, yes, he’d be one of the stars in today’s countertenor firmament, but he seems to have easier off his career just as Jaroussky and that lot were coming into their voices.

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  3. I haven’t heard Waschinski before, but he is definitely more pleasant to my ears than Radu Marian.

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